The Great Bibles, once they are studied, cause the Fundamental Initiatic Truths to be recognized, Truths which came from remote times, hundreds of millennia ago, and throw out this repulsive thing that is religious, sectarian fanaticism, and the fanaticism for men, books, mediums, etc. They teach that the TRUTH is good, not men or religions.

A – Popol Bugg, or the Mother of Bibles, of Atlantis, mentioned in some very ancient documents;

B – Ramayana, of Rama, reporting the Great Epopee;

C – Zend Avesta, of Zoroaster, the Bible of the Persians;

D – Orphic Wisdom, the Initiatic Fundamentals of Greece;

E – Emerald Tablet of Hermes, Bible of the Egyptians;

F – Book of the Dead, also of the Egyptians;

G – Book of Principles of Vyasa, the Veda;

H - Bhagavad Gita of Krishna, THE SUPREME BOOK OF ANCIENT TIMES;

I – Old Testament, starting with Moses and ending with Malachi, reporting deep initiatic teachings, later burned and lost, and later restored in an incomplete, contradictory way. This contains the Law of God or Divine Moral, promises the arrival of the Christ, Example of Conduct, and the Spreading of the Spirit over the flesh;

J – Gospel of Buddha, summarizing the Doctrine of the Thirty Five Buddhas;

K – The Code of Manu;

L – Golden Verses of Pythagoras, or what was left from the burning of the libraries;

M – Talmud, the real testament of Treason, of the Jewish rabbis, contradicting Moses and the Prophets, the Moral Law and the Healthy Mediumistic Cultivation left by Moses, as from Numbers, chapter 11;

N – New Testament, proving the prophecies of the Old Testament, that is, the arrival of the Messiah, Example of Conduct, the Spreading of Revelation or Spirit over the flesh, etc. It is worth reading it honesty because all contradictory stones, all treasons, would rise against Jesus and His Immortal Task, as the Prophet Simeon stated, and they are in the world, disguised as true…;

O – Koran, the Bible of the Arabs;

P – Everlasting Gospel, promised in the Apocalypse, 14, 6.

If you wish to learn about the Initiatic Fundamentals of all Great Bibles, read the books of Osvaldo Polidoro. And if you really want to know and practice TRUE CHRISTIANISM, read the Biblical-Prophetic documentation, with INTELLIGENCE AND HONESTY, or without deceitful maneuvers of any groups.

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