ALL MEN ARE EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW THAT RULES THE UNIVERSE! There are no favors, no miracles and no mysteries! No one is special before the law of God! There shall never be individual cases! Because God, the INFINITE BEING, never stoops to individuality to conduct anything as a particularity. In God, everything is UNIVERSAL, because everything is ruled by the Law. The Central Law of Equilibrium works eternally, perfectly and immutably! Each person is totally defined and accountable before the General Law of Universal Equilibrium. Responsibility is the law that makes the spirit become deserving of its achievements; it makes it sow and reap, proportionately, so it can learn to distinguish Good from Evil, and therefore understand how much it matters to be in harmony before the Law. Responsibility grows in spirits at the same rate as knowledge of the cause grows, and nothing can speak against that.

Experts have always said that the Law of Equilibrium lies between Father and Son, that is, it is the Force that triggers Justice, in favor or against, in line with the child’s acts being in harmony or not. The Law governs all things and records all effects integrally, be they negative or positive.
That is KARMA, an inward record. JUSTICE, in turn, is the instrument that grants rewards. Nothing escapes it during the course of times and lives. Those who wish to observe, in a simple and summarized manner, how the BASIC POWER, a mixture of LAW and JUSTICE, works, should notice the vastly different situations and conditions humans are subject to. If the widely differing situations and conditions among individuals were not enough to prove the laws of CAUSE and EFFECT, or of responsibility, they would prove that God is at fault for exempting Itself from JUSTICE. The LAW and JUSTICE of God is perfect AND that is precisely why GOD is equal to all and all are equal to GOD, before the LAW and JUSTICE. The idea is not to go against the LAW, so as not to drive the JUSTICE against you.
Since there is nothing to change in the LAW, it is the child of God who becomes aware that he should change, because if he does not do it willingly, by knowing how to use the INTELLIGENCE and LOVE, he shall have to do it unwillingly, going through PURGE and PAIN.

The Ten Commandments are the intellectual reflection of the Law of Equilibrium, or Cause and Effect. To revoke the Ten Commandments, The Universal Equilibrium would have to end. The Law of God contains the Entire Doctrine, in theory and in practice, because the same Jesus, who following the Father’s orders passed it on, later came to experience it among His protected ones, so that the Law could be known in theory and in practice and fully available to all children of God. Moses was His instrument in the flesh, the medium who acted as a transmitter. Jesus’ Divine Example serves as a school. He did not come to revoke the Law, but to testify it. In order to revoke it, he would have to be greater than God, and that would be ridiculous to aspire.
After all, it is the children’s duty to respect the Law of the Father. Those who go against the Law of God, naturally record, within them, offenses before the Law of Cause and Effect, and shall have to make amends for the mistakes, pay the debts. Once the Commandments are broken, we make the Law of Equilibrium react; and this reaction is known as Divine Justice. In the model word of Jesus, we find the total confirmation of that, when he emphasized that he had come to comply with the Law, because from the Law, not a single farthing would go unsettled!

The written or intellectual Law refers to the Law of Equilibrium. The written Law commands not make mistakes, while the Law of Equilibrium, which is in the inward, records the actions within each individual. Those who violate the Law of God, will certainly carry the mark of that violation, the misdeed, bearing within them their karmic burden, whether they know it or not, like it or not. Since actions and conditions of the spirit are in perfect harmony, it is easy to understand what is called the law of specific weight, the relation between the electromagnetic qualities of the components of the astral body and the place where the spirit should be.
No one lives on a plane, arranged by bureaucratic means or office manipulations, but each person shall live on a plane of life that represents, outside, the same inward pattern. It is the law of specific weight, leading each person to his or her common dwelling level and life, means and ends. And that is why when the spirit disincarnates, it goes to one of the sub-bands of the sub crust, of the thresholds or to the luminous heavens. The Seven Heavens that make up the astral world of the earthly man, or the seven concentric and superposed bands, naturally subdivide into multiple sub-bands; and all this so that each spirit receives its specific place to live, its dwelling, according to the determinations of vibrational conditionings.
The crowns, bands or heavens, are displayed in hierarchic growth from inside to outside. The bands of the sub crust and the thresholds are bands of darkness and tears and grinding of teeth, while the outer bands go increasing in Light and Glory.

In order to make it easier to understand, imagine that the law of specific weight is the same Divine Justice, which acts inside each one, taking note of his thoughts and actions, and recording them within himself, so that he or she can be his or her own eternal judge, unable to deny their own actions and merits.
Those who wish to read Ezekiel, chapter eighteen, and the Apocalypse, chapter twenty-two, shall find this truth perfectly revealed. To each one according to their deeds is a law; it is not a contemplative or mystical statement. When thinking about the Supreme Doctrine, think of the three aspects of the Law of God: to love God in Spirit and in Truth, or above formalisms and superstitions; to be socially decent and love others as you love yourself. And to know how to cultivate the Revelation, knowing that the same Law of God, the most important document in existence, and therefore permanent, came by means of the Revelation, from the communicating ability of the spirits.
No one loves God without knowing and respecting His laws. No one loves others, unless through good deeds. And as the law was transmitted to men by angels, spirits or souls, or through mediumship, it proves that the lesson it contains is complete.

Idolatry is a vice, just a vice worse than many other vices, such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. Vice makes wrong and repulsive deeds seem like virtues! Very few believe in the inner light, in the values of the sublimated heart and in mental lucidity, from whence dignified deeds among brothers come, because of the observance of the Law of God; however, almost everyone trusts idolatries, pagan offerings, superstitious rituals and the clergy commercialism, which are highly compromising. Human concepts may vary, but no one will ever be able to argue with the Law and abolish the Justice.


1- I am the Lord your God, there is no other God. 2- Thou shall not make any carved images to adore. 3- Thou shall not utter the name of God in vain. 4- Thou shall have a day in the week for resting and contemplation. 5- Thou shall honor father and mother. 6- Thou shall not kill. 7- Thou shall not commit adultery. 8- Thou shall not steal. 9- Thou shall not bear false testimony. 10- Thou shall not covet what is thy neighbor’s.


There is no gratuitous saving or redeemer Christ of anyone, that is why it is important to be very careful with the errors and the untruths that those who exploit religionisms and sectarianisms have been inventing and including in the Scriptures. Read these words of caution pronounced by the Model Christ:
“Go and live the Law”.
“From the Law nothing shall pass without fulfillment”.
“To sin against one single commandment is to sin against the whole Law.”
“My father, my mother and my brothers are the ones who hear and practice the Law.”
“Each one shall receive according to their deeds”.
“Away from me, you who practice inequity”.
“Thou shall not leave until thou hast paid until the last farthing”.
“Bear worthy fruits by the example”
“Man shall answer for each word spoken!”
“Even the hairs on your head have been counted”.
“The Father who sees in secret, in secret It shall pay”

THE LAW OF GOD IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING, because no one lives without the BEHAVIOR obligation to the Principle or God and to his or her neighbor. It is then that the other TWO FACTORS OF THE DOCTRINE SENT BY GOD come in. Study carefully, the Signification of the Divine Model Christ and the Grace of the Mediumistic Gifts, called Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the ones which enable the communication of the Angels, that means Messenger Spirits (what the Bible abundantly testifies).


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