The spiritual spark or the spirit, or that particle of God, which has been emanated with all the potential Divine Values, will have to move through worlds and inter-worlds until it becomes God in God or Spirit and Truth. What this means, for the time being, is beyond the comprehension of Earthly Man. Taking millions of years, the Crown of Divine Light is formed as the beginning of the vehicle of the soul or perispirit. After the Principle, or God, what comes first is the Divine Light. Since the spark is made from the same essence as God, it is easy to understand that the first crown to form is the Divine Light; it is the first manifestation of God and of the spirits, in the sense of Matter. It is the first tool, so to speak.

The so-called block-spirit is a group of sparks still in embryo or germ state. The spiritual particles move in this block or group, until they form, each one of them, at least three crowns, which are three resources, three tools, or three means of acting in the outside world. When the spark or the group of sparks reaches this stage, it is ready to start freeing them one by one. Fellowship will then spread so that each one will have a freer life, will face the outside world and will organize the crowns it misses. It is the movement forward to the highest levels of biological scale, although they are only larvae or filaments, which can be found in lakes, at the bottom of seas, in forests or in places with high humidity and mold. It is very little, if compared to primates, however, they have come a long way after leaving the Divine Essence. They already have three crowns, and in each one of them, there is a specific energy center, which is a chakra in development.

From subconscious automatisms, going through the phase of instincts, to gradually move into the phase of intelligence or reason, the spirit goes on changing its capacity of dilation or expansion, creating energy crowns and chakras or plexus, also called energy centers.

Crowns appear extremely slowly, they accompany the blossoming of the spark in its walk through hundreds of thousands of species. Before it reaches the human species, as primates, the seven crowns are not formed yet and those that are, are not symmetrically perfect nor have the best colors. The spark had to go through an extremely broad biological gamut in order to reach the seven energy crowns and the seven chakras, that is, it had to activate increasingly more complex organs and limbs, including standing and walking on the hind limbs. The energy crowns alone would not achieve anything, and the vehicle of the soul, the perispirit, would not be anything without the crowns and the energy centers, the real sub-commands of the spark. Talking about spirits, perispirits and bodies is only initial or preliminary, nothing more. In a primate, the seven crowns, the seven chakras and, when incarnated, the seven plexus are ready, but as germs and embryos. Everything is potential and the march towards building intellect and morals will start and it will take thousands and thousands of years, subject to ups and downs, victories and defeats, incarnations and disincarnations; conditions and situations to be faced, needs to overcome, anxieties to be coped with, etc. The conscience is being formed, because the spark expands, enlarges and now much faster because the reason is expressed more often, affected by events, impelled by needs.

When the time is right, all embryo humanity receives an injection of civilization, through emigrants from other worlds, who are very wise on some aspects, however, they are morally compromised before the Supreme Justice… These are legions outcast from other worlds, they have been punished by the Divine Justice and, once they have long purged in darkness, they incarnate in the bosom of Humanity and force progress. Eve receives Adam and their children become masters, artists, scientists, saints, and prophets. (Eve means Primitive Race. Adam means ‘Come From’, that is, those who came from a world in the Constellation of Chapel, because they no longer deserved that world). Every now and again, a Messenger from the Planetary Christ incarnates, here and there, for a Major Revelation.

When the high level of intellect and morals has been reached, a Code of Conduct is transmitted and, soon after, a Divine Mold is provided by the Emanating Principle. Before being Moses, the same spirit had transmitted the Law to the bosom of other races and peoples, until it was rooted, always through the Revelation, the communicability of angels, spirits or souls. After that, the Planetary Director incarnated and left the Divine Model. The Model Verb left an example of everything that derives from God, be it Spirit or Matter, and to God shall return one day, as Spirit and Truth.

After the spirit is emanated from the Principle or God as a spark, it all comes down to developing the Latent Divine Virtues, until it returns to the Principle or God, in Total Unity. This reality will never change, for all Infinity and Eternity.

In primitive Humanity, or of medium evolution such as the one on the Earth, it is normal for its people not to give the necessary importance to this fundamental truth, badly damaging them, delaying the Final Celestial Arrival, that is, the Divine Union.

It is also normal for all kinds of charlatans, fumblers, religion fabricators, clergies and morbid sectarian fanaticisms, small groups and other malicious dealers of idolatry or swindlers, to use the ignorance of the ignorant and the foolishness of the fools, in order to reinforce their low and criminal temporary selfishness.

Inventions of man, or less honest groups have, in the name of the Great Revealers, organized formal programs, exploited idolatries and politics and even uttered blasphemes against the Ministry of Revelation, which have encouraged ignorance, materialism, brutality and the immorality that has assailed Humanity, making it a victim of catastrophic consequences.

Decreasing in spirituality and morality and increasing in science and techniques, by the end of the second millennium, man is ready to disgrace the Planet and burn Humanity, that is, to eliminate two thirds of the living with the flood of fire, as the Book of the Revelation, or the Apocalypse warns. Because of these abominable deviations, they will have to painfully understand the fundamental importance of the Law of God, of the Exemplary Verb and the decent nurturing of the Charismatic Gifts.

Man of the present must carefully consider WHAT IS TO COME in light of the History of the Planet and of Humanity. The time that brought the end of the youth of evolution is now behind, and the time that will lead to the maturity of evolution lies ahead. They are standing in a hiatus, between the two halves of the evolutionary program, and no one will spare them of the tremendous commotions, the deep upsets, the glorious scientific achievements and the terrible MORAL deviations. They are living the most significant moment in the history of Humanity, in order to face the tests they have to go through. Many will fail, as the Prophetic Sermon of Jesus states and the Apocalypse warns.

Through their deeds, whether they like it or not, they will have to choose between two paths – to inherit the Earth of future cycles or to migrate to lower worlds. Do not try to convince the DIVINE JUSTICE with your typical religious allegations… TRUE, LOVING and VIRTUOUS deeds unto your brothers are the real WAYS TO SELF-CHRISTIFICATION.

After all the necessary cleansing predicted by Jesus and the Apocalypse, no one will doubt what Elijah should restore to soon afterwards deliver the GOSPEL OF GOD, DIVINISM, PROMISED BY GOD in Apocalypse, 14, 6.

All will be much better for those who come to deserve the Earth of future cycles. And all will be much worse for those who wish to remain deaf and blind to the cries of Heaven. The Earth will get into the maturity stage... It will no longer be a place for purging, but for very difficult trials for the great majority… Earthly youth ends and maturity phase sets in, and other obligations must be met.

Those who wish to know should know that the time shall come when the Law must be observed, must be enforced. Each Age has its corresponding behavior and each evolutional stage its ensuing obligations.

This New Age is one of the intertwining of the two planes of life, something that happens in all worlds when they reach a higher evolution stage. At the end of it all, or in the course of time, there shall be perfect union between both sides. However, it is important that each one should make a point of deserving the Earth to come, because selective events will take place, and the sheep shall be separated from the goats…

Because there will be a first great purge, or the separation of the sheep from the goats; however, through cycles and ages, there will be other OUTCAST. And those who deserve the Earth of the final times or the integration of the Planet and Humanity into the DIVINE, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPOTENT ESSENCE will understand that the Celestial Jerusalem is the REINTEGRATION INTO DIVINITY through the blossoming of the Latent Divine Virtues, because the Kingdom of God shall not come from outside, as the Exemplary Verb said and illustrated, as He was meant to because He is the Exemplary Verb, Alpha and Omega or the Model of everything that has origin in God and to God shall return.

When the spirit is incarnated, it is enfolded by the seven energy crowns and by the density of the perispirit and the physical body, and it should become, when christified, only one free spark, reflecting its Glory and Power through the first crown, which is the individuated Universal Divine Light.

Since the crowns, chakras and plexus were formed from the inside to the outside, the sublimation shall happen from the outside to the inside. The energy crowns, which receive commands directly from the spirit, will bring luminosity and brightness to the chakras, and those will pass it on to the perispirit, which will become more and more etherialized. Thousands of years will go by, but one day the walk will end: a spark will be christified, fully exposed through the first and unique crown, the Individuated Divine Light - but now extremely expanded, making the spark shine like a Divine Sun, taking part of the Divine Ubiquity! Disciples have equaled the Divine Model, they have become One with the Father in the Inner Temple! They have learned from the Divine Word and they have become Divine Verbs!

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