THE PRINCIPLE OR GOD – Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Divine Essence, the origin, foundation and end of all things, and whose destiny is the Total Reintegration. The Spirit and Matter, the Worlds and Humanities, and the Relative Laws shall return to the Essential Unity, or Spirit and Truth. If it stopped Emanating or Manifesting there would be nothing but It, the Omnipresent Principle. Since the Principle is Whole, it doesn’t grow or diminish, everything revolves around being The One Who Manifests or The Manifestation, Manifesting all things and Reintegrating all things. That is the Divine Monism.

SPIRIT CHILD – The sparks, which are emanated and not created, contain ALL POTENTIAL DIVINE VIRTUES, and must blossom them in the bosom of the Worlds, of the incarnate and the discarnate, until they return to the Divine Bosom as One or Spirit and Truth. No one will be a child of God forever; all shall be God in God. This wisdom was taught by Hermes, Krishna and Pythagoras. Jesus lived the Unmistakable Character of EXEMPLARY Verb, of everything that derives from the ESSENTIAL ONE and to It shall return as a TOTAL UNIT. The Empty Tomb means more than the Manger. (Understand this well).

THE CAR OF THE SOUL OR PERISPIRIT – It is formed so the spirit child can interact in the Cosmos, or Matter. The self-divinization of the spirit, that is, when it reaches the Divine Unity, or Reintegration, is the end of the task of the perispirit. Self-divinization or, in other words, the blossoming of the Latent Divine Virtues, happens extremely slowly. Everything increases in Light and Glory until it becomes Total Divinity, Total Union, i.e., its RELATIVITY decreases and DIVINITY increases.

MATTER OR COSMOS – Matter is Divine Essence, Divine Light, Energy, Ether, Substance, Gas, Vapor, Liquid, Solid. It is the tool of the spirit child of God in any shape or form. (Those who do not seek to understand that are very unfortunate).

POLIDORO, Osvaldo; Everlasting Gospel and Prodigious Prayers, page 16

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