A reader who wishes to read the Book of Acts of the Apostles with the unction it deserves must have great knowledge of the Ancient Initiations, understand that which, for over two hundred thousand years, was sown by the more than thirty Bhuddas, Krishna, Hermes, Zoroaster, Apollo, Orpheus, the Hebrew Patriarchs from before the deluge, Moses, the Prophets and some real Philosophers.

Because, if Christ was announced for many millennia as being the one Expected by the People, it was important to know what He was to do and how. And if He was, indeed, born one day, He did it intending to carry out the work. And the work to be carried out meant leaving the outcome, the conclusion till after the physical death, with the return of the spirit, to mean, once and for all, immortality and the ability of the same spirit to communicate.

All Great Initiates in History have marked their work with the Breath of Revelation, as they used to call it in ancient history, and their mission has always been crowned by the Grace of Theophany; none of them ever spoke only in name of their human pretensions. If it were not for clerical darkness eclipsing History, or the spiritual culture of humanity, all of it would know to say wonderful things about the great mediumistic phenomena that have involved and soothed the envoys of the Planetary Christ.

However, if idolater merchants have warped the sunshine with their hellish tricks and manipulations before the world, the prophetic or mediumistic reality has never even slightly faded before God. If, after every Great Initiate or envoy of the Planetary Christ, there have followed deceitful men intent on changing the Things of Truth into a way of life and commerce, it is also true that one after another new envoys have appeared, making the Candle of Revelation, the Ministry of the Consoler Spirit or Saint, shine again here and there.

And so it continued, until the historical moment when the Planetary Christ had to subject Himself to the process of incarnation, so he could be among the brothers under His protection as a man, leaving the Grace of the Generalized Revelation with them, or Spreading the Spirit over their flesh, as was promised by the Prophets.

Four different and wonderful stages mark the Christian Saga:

1st – The prophecies about His coming, which started with Abraham, having been continued later by Moses and the Prophets; the return of Elijah, as mentioned in the last two verses of the Old Testament; the historical-messianic configuration of the Christ, according to some of the Prophets, especially Isaiah, chapter fifty three; and the spreading of the Spirit or the Revelation over all the flesh, as is noted nineteen times in the Prophets.

2nd – The moment of the incarnation, with Gabriel playing the preliminary role of the Divine Messenger of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, and later working as the Consoler through Joseph, the initiate kings, Anna and Simeon, while Jesus was a child.

3rd - Jesus did everything during His carnal life, proving to have LIMITLESS Grace of the Consoler, and proving it in many different ways; by performing mediumistic and prophetic phenomena, by giving evidence that there were angels, spirits or souls ascending and descending upon Him, by going to Tabor, accompanied by the three Apostles, to speak to Moses and Elijah, who were never killed, because in God no one is killed and by giving proof of His Divine Model through all His deeds in life, while preparing the other part that fell to Him, reappearing as a spirit to conclude His mission.

4th– Leaving the tomb empty, returning as a spirit, repeating His previous words about leaving the Grace of the Generalized Revelation so humanity would cease to be orphan, preparing and carrying out the glorious mediumistic feat of Pentecost, continuing, for eleven years, His contact with the Apostles, whose number has increased to thousands and spread all over Earth.

Therefore, as you can see, the Book of Acts is a sort of Historical Summary of the Universal Prophetism, which found in the person of Jesus all the elements it needed to leave its mark on the History of the Planet. And if, unfortunately, evil men appeared later to corrupt the Perfect Doctrine of the Father and forced humanity to utter blasphemes against the Baptism of Revelation and, again, if, with that, they forced humanity to go without the Revealing Instrument, which warns, illustrates and comforts, it is also a fact that, as the Christ had said, in due time, things have started to be restored and figures like Wicliff, Huss, Savanarola, Luther, Giordano Bruno, Kardec, etc. begun to appear in the world. It is clear that in the service of restoration, Kardec, the Elijah who was meant to return, once again, did indeed return in the nineteenth century, bringing with him the New Pentecost, the New Baptism of Revelation.

There were three attempts to generalize the Revelation – the first, made by Moses, was crushed by the Levite clergy, who did everything to accomplish their hellish goal; the second was made by Jesus, who left Pentecost perfectly, and collapsed in the fourth century because of Rome and its bloody and despotic imperialism; the third was made by Elijah, who came as the restorer and left us the Spiritism, the Codification, which was not yet finished, but should be concluded through the work conducted in Brazil in the twentieth century.

The Moral of the Codification is absolute because it is the restoration of the Christi Message, but the educational side still owes to evolution.

If Elijah, now Osvaldo Polidoro, had not made this Biblical-prophetic Divine Documentary available to all those on Earth, incarnate and discarnate, which of you would know about such Divine Teachings? However, THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL AND PRODIGIOUS PRAYERS gives you Divine Truths and more than 40 Prodigious Prayers, which shall be very useful when the time comes for the Divine Judgment to fall upon the traitors and corruptors of the Divine Biblical and prophetic Truths.


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