1- I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, THERE IS NO OTHER GOD – It tells us to know, to think, to feel and to act in accordance with the One Principle and its Fundamental, Eternal, Perfect and Immutable Laws. Above miracles, mysteries, enigmas, pretenses, simulations, etc.

2- THOU SHALL NOT MAKE ANY CARVED IMAGES TO ADORE – The One Principle is Spirit and Truth, and thus it must be known and lived by the sparks that emanated from It. Every spark shall learn to obey God’s Will in Space and Time, making the Divine Virtues blossom, until achieving its purpose.

3- THOU SHALL NOT UTTER THE NAME OF GOD IN VAIN – This Commandment contains the same warning as the Second. And since every mistake requires a settlement, it is best not to err, so as not to have to pay. No one shall be above the Law.

4- THOU SHALL HAVE A DAY IN THE WEEK FOR RESTING AND CONTEMPLATION – For resting and intended free time. The text says everything, and even if there are small variations in form, the spirit of the Commandment is total.

5- THOU SHALL HONOUR FATHER AND MOTHER – There is no human institution more important than the Family, and this Commandment tells us to honor its pillars. The Family is much more in the process of growth of the spirits, or back to the Divine Union, than men can conceive. Among children and parents, the duty of harmony is deeply meaningful and the Commandment shall be entirely fulfilled in Space and Time. The good disciple awaits while praying and watching, in every sense, in all acts of life.

6- THOU SHALL NOT KILL – The Sixth Commandment shall be entirely fulfilled through time or human evolution. It is broader and deeper than it seems, and so much the better for those who can grow in its spirit. One should not swallow a mosquito to later swallow a camel…

7- THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY – Ancient Masters of the Doctrine have said that the TRUTH is as sharp as a razor’s edge and that those who are TRUTHFUL walk on it without getting hurt… As people evolve, they shall understand and fulfill the Commandment, the most precious one to those who have a Family. Because any mistake that puts the institution of Family at risk, will entail much more. For all intents and purposes, in any social activity, trust and faithfulness rate very high among spiritual virtues. Since we have to consider that couples do separate, due to human deficiencies, we believe that separations that do not allow new Families to be started again are wrong. The possibility to start a new family should be above any human failures; a new relationship, which will favor God’s Will, should never be forbidden. Always choose the lesser evil... DIVINE JUSTICE is above everyone and everything and its tentacles dive unimaginably depths, to judge and to give with JUSTICE, according to realities and merits that are beyond human comprehension.

8- THOU SHALL NOT STEAL – Since no one is above the DIVINE JUSTICE, those who harm their brothers shall pay for it in full. Hatred is what leads to tears and grinding of teeth.

9- THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE TESTIMONY – Considering MERCIFUL LIES, which avoids tears, crimes, pain, etc., bearing false witness, as we understand it, and as the Commandment warns us, is a serious crime. With time and experience, accumulated through evolution, all shall learn what LOVE is and shall stop practicing that which stems from hatred… Each mistake leaves a black mark on those who make it, and someday it will have to be ratified, at any cost…

10- THOU SHALL NOT COVET WHAT IS THY NEIGHBOR’S – Anyone understands this means not to covet criminally, that is, contradicting the Divine Moral. The Law is one in its spirit; it teaches divinely right and leads to honest, loyal and, as a result, divinizing BEHAVIOUR. Because the DIVINE JUSTICE will demand payment, in the terrible darkness of the sub-crust, in the thresholds, in lives of painful purging, through disease and physical disabilities, moral grief and endless resources it can resort to. It is also important to point out that while going through terrible purging in the darkness of the spiritual world and in continuous tormented incarnations, the debtor will not be enjoying the same time under happy conditions, and accumulating vast amounts of positive, self-christifying value.

POLIDORO, Osvaldo; Everlasting Gospel and Prodigious Prayers, pp 57 to 59.

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