All Planets start with the Divine Light, thickened or condensed by Higher Intelligences, who command it. Then, energies, ethers, substances, gases, vapors, liquids and solids map everything they contain. The movement of the constant renovations, on all planes, realms, species and families is wonderful.

Spiritual agents instruct from the top down, that is, sparks of God, or spirits who have reached the Christi State, or Oneness, act as Divine Verbs and instruct the different directions to be taken. Nothing happens without the High Providential Authorities, or the High Steering Echelons. Anything that is, is and has been managed by them. And without them, nothing ever was or is, because they are the Divine Links that connect the Principle to the Emanation, still in an embryo form, be it spiritual or material.

Speaking of a solid Planet without considering the substantial, fluid or astral parts, is synonymous to very low levels of evolution. Because the so-called invisible part is what controls the visible part, seeing as the latter is a consequence of the first. The substantial part is larger. That is, if we start at the center of the Planet, it goes long way from it, in the form of overlaid spheres, the so-called heavens or celestial bands.

Everything has astral double or perispirits ... The Earth’s astral double or its spiritual plane, or perispirit, is divided into Seven Main ones… Which are then subdivided into seven others, which, again, subdivide into another seven, and so on, in a wonderful array of vibrational dwellings, which add up to more than thirty thousand… And there are many more and many less worlds, in all senses, size, hierarchy, etc.

The best known, the Seven Heavens are subdivided into more than thirty thousand sub-heavens, or bands where the disincarnate live. The closer to the solid Planet, the more thickened the realms, environmental matter becomes coarser and heavier. The further away from the Planet, the more etherealized, luminous, harmonious, perfumed and musical the matter, reaching divine levels that are impossible to describe.

Earth, however, is spiritually lower; it is surrounded by a wide outer band of darkness and pain. These are the thresholds. The dark outer bands mark the lower or purging worlds, and the Earth’s is still very wide, despite having narrowed significantly since the beginning.

Outside of these seven bands or seven planes, or seven heavens and its endless subdivisions, is the so-called Christi Plane. It is also known as the Heaven Between Worlds, the Realm of Pure Spirit, or the Unified Spirits, the Divine Verbs, which make up the Divine Providential Order.

Any sensible person will realize that there is a relationship between the vibrational level of the spirits and the heavens, or zones of astral or spiritual dwelling. In order to deserve the more sublimated or divinized heavens, one must sublimate or divinize the perispirit...

No one shall ascend to the more divinized heavens without having the Latent Divine Virtues fully blossomed. The Law of Hierarchies prevails over everything, by order of the Divine Justice, and never due to the intervention of false mercy. And when the child of God is completely divinized, he will no longer be subject to the Planetary jurisdiction.

Therefore, the need and fairness of the current distribution must be considered, since the Supreme Justice must respect the knowledge and grant to each what they deserve. There must be countless positions for countless degrees of merit.

It is imperative that you understand this: the spirit’s substantial-energy crowns improve from the outside to the inside, and those of the Planet improve from the inside to the outside. Is it clear? Those who do not improve inside, reducing the size of their crowns and making them shinier, shall never reach the outer spiritual planes, those that are more divinized. When the crowns of the spirit have been reduced to only one, the first, which is the Individuated Divine Light, this spirit will have ascended to the Christi Heaven, that of the Pure Spirit, where the Universal Divine Light is the Shared Environment.

Just as solid Earth emerged from condensed energies, to them it shall return but in glory and splendor, bringing along those that have revealed themselves worthy of continuing on the progressive journey.

Everything should end in the eighth heaven through evolution, in the last of the bands, which is opal and crystalline in color, and whose brightness and glory are beyond any human understanding! The physical yeast, which is external and circumstantial, also ferments in the sublimation sense; and that is why the center of the Planet, the inner bands, must one day be like the outer model, the eighth heaven! No one can stop this journey, because God wants it so. All cataclysms, convulsions, will lead to the outer christi heaven. One day, the Earth will have to be a fluid, crystal and opal world, all light and glory!

The whole Earth, The Whole Planet, in astral terms, or the spiritual world, has four different regions:

A – The abysses of the sub-crust, made up of almost seventy sub-bands, where spirits can go to according to their deeds, or by imposition of the law of specific weight. It all happens by vibrational equity, according to the law of vibratory frequency. Each one dives into their outer vibratory field, according to their deeds, and leaves according to their deeds. Those who wound shall be wounded, those who owe, shall pay their debts, and those who believe in graces and favors are very wrong …!

B – The crust zone, which measures approximately seventy kilometers and where there is great promiscuity. The discarnate, the incarnate with their bodies and also those who are wandering while their bodies sleep live in this zone... Jesus experienced everything: being announced by Gabriel, expelling evil spirits, talking to Moses and Elijah, having the angels ascend and descend upon Him; this is all a lesson to the honest and intelligent sparks. Because in the band of seventy kilometers that surrounds the crust, there is a great tumult of incarnate and discarnate living together. Old and familiar spirits; kin spirits undergoing pain and torment; spirits that belong to the Ministry of the Holy Spirit or the Revealer; spirits who, without meaning to, act on the plane of Law and Justice to revenge; element spirits; lower or animal spirits, awaiting new wombs to reincarnate, etc. It is crucial to pray and watch your thoughts, feelings and actions, because the dangers are many…!

C – Seventy kilometers away from the globe, there is a one thousand two hundred kilometer-band. This is the threshold, the outer darkness, and slightly less terrible than the abysses of the sub-crust. Little by little, this darkness leads to the first aid areas of the first bands of light. Because this band, like all the others, is subdivided into sub-bands, as established by the vibratory laws, and so the law of specific weight can make the spirits move until they reach the first aid areas, which are located at about one thousand and three hundred kilometers. If it is well to do good deeds and to pray and watch so as not to end up in the abyss of the sub-crust, it is also well to take care of your duties, so as not to be in a bad position in the crust or in the threshold!

D – One thousand three hundred kilometers away from the center start the first aid areas, the light planes and the heavens, which become brighter and increasingly more glorious. There are four essential heavens before the Christi Heaven, or Eighth Heaven, and they are subdivided into multiple sub-bands, or sub-heavens, which welcome all different levels of the evolution cycle, house of all vibration levels, by imposition of the law of specific weight. Those who pray and watch their deeds day and night, living by the Ten Commandments, as Jesus did, certainly will gradually make their astral bodies more etherealized, luminous and glorious, and penetrate such heavens. There is no other way to do it!...

There are many who think about going to the best cosmic place, thinking that to find glorious, indescribably splendorous heavens, one needs to leave Earth. That is a serious mistake!...

In the lower layers of heaven, everything is very similar to Earth! The farther away they are, the more sublimated and indescribable they become.

Earth contains all desirable heavens. Let no one waste anytime in thinking of going far away, because the hardest part is reaching the highest points of Earth itself. The cosmic dwelling directed by the Planetary Director lies at the end of its realms, and these are extremely high places indeed.

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