Those who came to reveal little or much of the Truth, because no one has ever revealed or shall ever reveal all of It on their own, had to face many difficulties and troubles. Tradition, poetry, legend, mysticism, sectarian nonsense, fanaticism, elitism and other corruptors of reality have raised ideas, thoughts, interpretations and mystics around some or almost all great revealing figures that do not represent the truth of what they actually experienced. Some were stolen, others added to. Some received too much and some were unfairly taken away from. In any case, a master guideline stayed. Exploitation and self-indulgence surrounded all the basic revelations. Wheat plantations, as well taken care of as they may be, are always a place where tares can grow....

The days when a Consoler Spirit could become the object of ostensive worship among all the flesh were still very distant in the master plan of times and ages. We all know how much ignorance can delay the progress of the liberation of human minds. But Veda, the Bhuddas, Krishna, Rama, Hermes, Zoroaster, Apollonium, the Spiritualist Philosophers, the Great Hierophants, the Hebrew Patriarchs, the Great ones, were the ones who made, more or less, conscious or subconscious efforts for the Baptism of the Spirit to be disseminated and worshipped.

All the, lesser or greater, revealers before Christ tended to be secretive about their teachings, and avoided the dissemination of their knowledge through the public, through large numbers of people; they were esoteric and started or supported the occult initiation. Jesus descended upon the novices precisely to demystify the temple, to do the opposite, to baptize in Spirit so as to bequeath them the right to understand spiritual matters and penetrate the secrets of universal life through the Consoler, that is, mediumship. Let us take Jesus as the synthesis, which He is, and extract the true essence from His words:

“But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Consoler will not come to you; but if I go, I will send it to you. And when it comes, it will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment”. “But when it, the Spirit of Truth, comes, it will guide you into all truth....” (John, chapter 16)

Therefore, Jesus was not simply another worker in favor of the coming of the time of the Consoler; He was, by Supreme determination, its main agent, the one appointed to do the great deed because He was the Planetary Leader. Spirits are not free to do as they wish and take any initiatives they please in higher spheres, as many occult schools tend to believe. Quite to the contrary, Supreme Leaders, the Directors of the Galaxies, issue a ruling order that is carried out by the Planetary Leaders. There is order in everything that belongs to God.

Christ, with His Love and Universal Wisdom, came to the world of solid forms to establish the course of understanding the being through mediumship. And fanatics, with this or that belief, or those who take partial revelations as the whole Revealed Truth, who say the Christ was just another revealer, with no more authority than any other before Him, are only proving that they know nothing about the Planet’s Board of Directors. It also proves that these people are only in contact with astral beings who are very low in hierarchy, those who left the flesh as fanatics and who are still low in the lower astral bands, fostering the same separatisms, mediocrities and mistakes. So contact with the astral world only is not enough, one needs to always look for the best. Spaces have always been full of spirits, but since there is no promiscuity, only inferior, intermediary and higher planes, connected by the laws of relations and progress, it is recommended to keep contact with the best planes through the improvement of vibrations.

The Christ, the one who performed the Baptism of the Spirit, came to sow the seed of religious unification around the Truth, which is above division talks, and in it.

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