During the carnal life of Jesus, at the closed meetings, there were many great mediumistic phenomena, the vision of the angelic or spiritual legions, and hearts were filled with excitement. Since the Master Plan has never failed to act gloriously during the lives of all Great Revealers, the Tabor phenomenon was repeated many times, and many others, even greater, occurred, despite the omission of the writers.

After the crucifixion, the Baptism of the Spirit, or Revelation, public because it had to be so, as described in the Book of Acts, brought excitement back to the disciples and the members of Jesus’ family; and wherever the followers of Jesus went, mediumistic feats were being performed, because the Sublime Doctrine was left ALIVE IN THE REVELATION.

Paul was the great disseminator of the Baptism of the Spirit, or the Revelation, which was generalized by Jesus; read his Letters with intelligence and honesty and because much he speaks about mediumistic faculties and feats.

And in this kind of cult, the church of Jesus Christ remained for over three centuries, as from His birth. However, from the day of the Baptism of the Spirit, only about two hundred and ninety years should be counted, after which, according to the prophecy made by the Divine Master, the corruption of the doctrine would ensue, which was enemy of the best truths of Christianism and cultivator of tens of pagan formalities, copied partly from the hebrew levities and partly from Greek-Roman mythology. All the corruption of the Doctrine of the Path started with the First Edict by Constantine Chlorus I, the Father, in 313. With Constantine’s victory, the situation was reversed – observing the names of Moses’ God, which the Christ had supported, a mystical and liturgical legend was created, which would become a revival of the life and the deeds of Jesus. The evilest acts were the persecution of the Baptism of the Spirit, the cult of mediumship, the continuance of the Pentecost phenomenon and referring to the communication of the Angels or Messenger Spirits as DEVILISH. And that was done clearly because the mediumistic cult tended to make all the followers of the “Path of the Lord” (it is important to point out that until the corruption took place, after Constantine’s victory, Christianism wasn’t known by that name, but by “The Path of the Lord”) say “our kingdom is not of this world”, which wasn’t convenient for the Roman Empire. It preferred spiritualist and materialized men, instead of spiritualist spiritualized men. The Empire needed warriors, something that mediumship would always be against, because it teaches Love and Harmony among the children of the Only Father. Therefore, Constantine and a few others were the corruptors of the “Path of the Lord”, the true Christianism. That mediumistic cult taught by Paulo de Tarso, was banished from popular knowledge. The Pentecost phenomenon, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, for which Christ came to the carnal plane to make the same flesh inherit such manifestation, turned into a clerical conspiracy to justify bribes. And thus corruption remained, for as long as predicted in the Apocalypse through its complex symbology.

The work of Jesus Christ is living proof of TRUTH. And Jesus’ works were based on the LAW and the REVELATION. Those who now affirm that the contact with the spirits is something devilish deny it, even knowing that Jesus Christ came to the world to Baptize in Spirit and knowing that the church of Jesus is based on the REVELATION, as the two first chapters of the Book of Acts and chapters twelve, thirteen and fourteen of Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians prove. All of those who call themselves christians deny it, what they are doing, in fact, is the work of the anti-Christ, because they deny the REVELATION, practicing idolatry, futile talks, superstition and clerical commercialism.

However, would Jesus Christ not have talked about the right replacement of things?

God is impersonal, it is the Divine Essence, Which creates, sustains and determines everything. Anthropomorphism is idolatry and should be fought against, because it is a consequence of the inability to understand and it is used by idolatrous clericalisms and mercenaries for their own gain. Those who place God outside themselves and find ploys and artifices to get closer to Him, are certainly the same as those who stand at the doors of the Temple of the Truth without entering it, and stopping those who wish to go in. Either that or they are the same as those who support them in good faith but ignoring laws and facts. The painful truth is that the masses of wrongdoers who keep Earth as a lower world are formed among those who exploit and are exploited in the name of God.

It was not only the corruption of practices that happened in Rome, texts were also corrupted in order to enable the corruption of practices. The New Testament was made up of two hundred and fifty seven manuscripts. The first selection reduced them to ninety-seven, the second to twenty-seven, and the Vulgate is the summary, according to the interests of the despotic and bloody imperialism of Rome. In the fourth century, outrageous things were done to the apostle writings, they were tremendously adulterated, those who practiced the Baptism of the Spirit were killed and all the Initiation Cenacles in the Roman Empire were destroyed. No Book in the world has been more adulterated than the Bible. And no other Book in the world has such terrible contradictions. But, also, no other Book in the world has more proof of the Law of God and the Graces of the Divine Mediumship, the Light of the World and the Salt of the Earth, the Divine Source of warnings, illustrations and comfort.

We must also consider that, in the ancient cycles, things would take a less interesting direction following a Great Revelation brought by an envoy of the Planetary Christ; they would turn to commercialism, sectarian fanaticism, truculent politicking and hugely criminal monopolies. Rome did not start a new process by adulterating the Doctrine of the Path; it repeated, in its own time, old crimes that had been committed against the doctrinal essence. And if it did worse, it was because it truncated the generalization of the doctrine, brought by the Planetary Christ Himself.

Since the clergies have always done everything in its power to stop the Revelation , which would never allow it to steal faith, from being cultivated, it drove humankind to neglect God, the duties and the consequence of the deeds, turning continents, countries, races, peoples, men and the classes into mutual enemies. And for that the clergies are immensely guilty! And to the cultivator of the Consoler, the Baptism of the Spirit, it is important to pay attention to this urgent matter. Men are brothers by nature; they come from the same origin, live on the same plane and have the same purposes! Even if they are at different levels of evolution, which should never be a reason for disagreements but for a duty to help each other.

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