The Jewish-Christian Bible, the Prophetic one, tells you to live the Law of God, to cultivate the Graces of the Holy Spirit, for the abundance of Clairvoyants, Prophets and many other Gifts given by God. And, it tells to keep contacts with the Legions of Angels, Spirits of Gods, the deliverers of Extra Signs, Prodigies, so-called Miracles and, Various Methods of Consolations.

Can you understand that the filthy priestisms and bastard mystifying “isms” did not allow for this Divine Doctrine, of God, Its Justice, Its Spiritual Gifts, Its 10 Commandments, and Its Angels or Messenger Spirits, to be extended to all children of God spread on Earth?

Understand, then, that because such priestisms and bastard “isms” have committed these crimes, THE DIVINE CIVILIZATION AS GOD WANTED AND WANTS, PROMISED BY WAY OF ISAIAH, CHAPTER 11, DID NOT TAKE PLACE.

Understand, then, why Jesus and the Apocalypse predicted, for before the end of the Second Millennium, the ADVENT OF THE FLOOD OF FIRE AND THE EXPULSION OF THE GOATS, OF THE TRAITORS OF GOD, TO LOWER WORLDS.

Respect Jesus in Mathew, chapters 24 and 25. And also Apocalypse, chapters 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Therefore, recognize, children of God, that nobody will stop the Flood, which will reduce the living to one third. And the remainder will live what is promised in chapter 21 of the Apocalypse: A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH.

After the Flood, the remaining human beings will no longer be of criminal priestisms again because it will be of God, Its Justice, Its Gifts, Its 10 Commandments and Its Angels, and Its Messengers, as the Bible teaches from Genesis to Apocalypse. And with great abundance of Great Clairvoyants, connecting the Two Planes of Life, they will be able to accomplish what was promised by God in Isaiah, Chapter 11.

POLIDORO, Osvaldo; Leaflets.

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