THE TRUTH – It is everything, it is the Emanator and the Emanation, with all the laws and all the virtues; it is the Principle and the End, it is the absolute reality. Imagine the Divine Depth of God and the infinite complexity of the Cosmos; if you can, you shall have the Truth in your conceptual reach.

THE DOCTRINAL TRUTH – That is the name of the Secret Science, the Esoteric Doctrine or Occultism; the Truth as Doctrine, which implied understanding the laws of the Universe, as it was possible at that time and as each one was able to assimilate. Knowing the TRUTH meant going through an esoteric initiation, communicating with the Great Messengers and becoming aware of the fundamental and relative laws. Those who wish to study the ancient Secret Doctrines, the Great Initiates, will learn what was said to be the Doctrinal Truth, the knowledge of God, the Emanation, and the governing laws of the Universe in general, and of individuals in particular.

UNSHAKEABLE TRUTHS – Some truths are unshakeable, they are the starting point of all ideas, of all knowledge; or, to put it simply, truths on which other truths are based. These ten truths represent the matrix of everything that can be considered essential – Divine Essence, Existence, Movement, Immortality, Evolution, Responsibility, Reincarnation, Revelation, Cosmic Life and Sacred Purpose. The children of God, who can go deeper into the meaning they carry, will know how to consider the Divine Origin, the Evolution Process and the Sacred Purpose appropriately. As a consequence, they will also know how get to the soul of the Gospel, because all it does is to make obvious the paternity of God, the movement that forces evolution and the end of evolution, which means to have reached the final goal.

1. DIVINE ESSENCE OR GOD – The Divine Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Essence, that Emanates, Sustains and Destines all things through the Eternal, Perfect and Immutable laws. It is Spirit and Truth and so It wants Its children to be, thus It encourages them to follow the path of TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE. All starts in ONE, both the beings and the laws. They start in ONE and unfold infinitely, to the extent of their lives as relative beings. God, however, is whole in Itself, It is absolute, and is Finite for Itself. The law of Unity explains the law of diversity, because diversity is just a matter of different manifestations of the Unity. God does not create anything, but EMANATES FROM ITSELF; everything that IS includes the ESSENTIAL GOD and GOD MANIFESTED BY EMANATION. Everything derives from the ESSENTIAL ONE and, in the end, everything returns to the ESSENTIAL ONE. Therefore, the Divine Monism is an ideal concept. From the great initiates or mystics, he who got closer to the ESSENTIAL BEING could only say it is LIGHT, GLORY, POWER, WISDOM, LAW, JUSTICE, LOVE, but everything infinite. Therefore, those who reach It will also be gifted with the wonderful powers of the Divine Ubiquity, the ability to extend to the infinite the power of the senses, something that is very difficult to understand for the time being. There is no concept of places and times for God, there are no restrictions. It is deep inside everything and everyone. However, one must feel God inside, because those who think God is far away will certainly distance themselves from God. Every spiritual spark has the same problem, which is to fine-tune through inner development. The Planetary Christs are an example of what the degrees of fine-tuning are and, as a result, of the purpose of the filters or reflexes of the Father.

2. EXISTENCE – Existing is a consequence of having emanated from the Divine Essence. However, if it is impossible to understand the extent of all that exists objectively, it is much more important to have a complete awareness of EXISTENCE. The most civilized man on the planet will certainly be unaware of his spiritual gifts and the virtues he possesses, because he has not awakened them yet. Before one can understand the Christ of the Soul, one must first bring it out. Before that happens, everything is just conjectures.

3. IMMORTALITY – It is a normal thing in those who derive from God. Immortality contains all the privileges and all the duties, because it comprises the ORIGIN, the EVOLUTIONAL PLAN and the SACRED PURPOSE. Only in the lower worlds is immortality talked about. Death, essentially, does not exist; it is simply a change in form. There will always be an essence left from everything, spirit or matter, even if the form may change to the infinite. There is no interruption to the continuity of God’s Holy Designs.

“It has come to our knowledge, Lord, that you have granted Intermediate Spiritual Gifts, or Gifts of Mediumship, referred to in the Bible as the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that the incarnate and the disincarnate could have comforting opportunities for contact”

4. REVELATION – Before the coming of Christ with His baptism of the Spirit or Revelation, Esoteric Schools held the wise information. Since Enoch, the Patriarchs, Moses, the Prophets and other Great Gifted Ones with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Charisms or Mediumship, contact between the Two Planes of Life was always normal, educational and comforting. There is no reason for it to be a secret after the coming of Christ, as long as Christianism is really known. It is blasphemous to speak of Jesus and condemn the Communicability of the Spirits, because He practiced it while incarnated, having come back as Spirit to Generalize the Revelation or to Baptize in Spirit. Jesus came to baptize in Revelation and provided all the flesh with the instruments of warning, illustration and comfort. Those who cultivate the Revelation shall know all. The Revelation is the Eternal Consoler; it works simply in the Divine Order, the Emanation. Angel, spirit and soul all mean the same thing, and all the Sacred Books have incessantly reminded us of the prophetic or mediumistic phenomena. While religiosisms, commercial clerisies still stand, mistakes against the laws of God shall be made, and the Revelation shall certainly be referred to as “thing of the devil”. However, evolution is the law of life and all shall be clear. One thing is certain, those who claim to be against it or those who are in favor of it would certainly be greatly devoted to it if they knew how respectable it is and how the best children of the Divine God revere it. The higher up a child moves hierarchically, in actual value, the higher he or she regard it, because they understand it is an educational instrument by excellence; it is the vehicle for celestial news. Speaking against Jesus or even against It is “forgivable”, but those who blaspheme against the Revelation, the instrument of information established by the Father, shall pay for it in full!

EVOLUTION PROCESS: “It has come to our knowledge, Lord, that Your children shall inherit Your Divine Virtues, and that through Space and Time, Worlds and Humanity, incarnations and disincarnations, facing all kinds of vicissitudes, they shall reach the Sacred Purpose, by developing the Latent Divine Virtues, which we normally refer to as the Inner God”

5. MOVEMENT – Everything that has been emanated in the Universe is movement. The language of God is the law of facts; it proves the Origin, the Evolution and the Purpose. Worlds and inter-worlds move; the Macro and Micro cosmos are forced to move so the Holy Designs of God can be attained. MOVEMENT forces us towards the purpose, because God would not do a thing without an absolute aim.

6. RESPONSIBILITY – The spark begins with no awareness at all. It is life and it does not know it. Through evolution, it goes through phases. From subconscious automatisms, it moves on to conscious automatisms, meanders on to reason and now, much more quickly, it enters the intuitive sphere, until reaching a stage of full intuition, in the Christi Grade. Responsibility increases, therefore, proportionately to the knowledge. God gave the spark all the potential values, the outside universe and a relative freedom to move and grow. The LAW governs everything, recording all the effects, whether positive or negative. JUSTICE, in turn, is the instrument that hands out rewards. Without responsibility, there is no merit. The governing laws explain responsibility. Human concepts may vary, but the laws will never be repealed and, consequently, sparks will always be responsible before the laws of the Father. Without duties, there will never be rights.

7. COSMIC LIFE – The worlds are the many dwellings of the Father, according to Jesus. The problem is restricted to the Matter, which exists to serve the spirit. Therefore, the problem is not special or impressive. Immature spirits make a big deal out of everything, but the reality is simple. Other worlds can be seen from Earth and the Earth can be seen from other worlds; Infinity contains Emanation or the Manifestation of God, our Common Father. Men will come up with theories, systems, etc. However, what matters is to be good, to find Love and Wisdom inside, to reveal the Divine Power, the Glory of the Father. Much more than remembering the Cosmos, it imports to remember that the spirit is meant to be above all worlds, forms and transitions.

8. REINCARNATION – That is the spirit’s only true evolutional and redeeming valve. The spirit reincarnates for basic reasons, namely: (a) to evolve normally, (b) to go through tests, (c) to purge, (d) in the case of the Christs and the unselfish, to take on some of the responsibility for themselves, with a view to help Humanity or specific brothers. That is why all Great Revealers were categorical in confirming the law of reincarnation. Christ would have been enough, if it were not for the religious fanaticisms that encourage errors and their consequences, because Christ was prior to the body with which He appeared before the world; because Christ subjected Himself to incarnation; because He subjected Himself to disincarnation; because He subjected Himself to communication, and then, to the disappearance of His body. The law says to incarnate, to take a new body, and the recurrence of that means to reincarnate. If there were no incarnation, no one would reincarnate; but since it is a normal biological process, reincarnation is merely a consequence of it. No one is born nor dies… Incarnating and disincarnating are natural phenomena of normal life, nothing more... Ancient initiations have always known that, because they were always experimental and not formal, and if no one had adulterated the Doctrine of the Lord, built in the Pentecost upon the Revelation, everyone would know that.

9. EVOLUTION – The Evolution Process to which everything and everyone are subject, because there is nothing in Emanation without a purpose, whether man is aware of it or not. Everything moves and evolves spiritually and materially. Those who have come from the Divine Essence should seek to return to It. Those who are attached to the realm of the worlds and forms, are certainly moving in the wrong direction, delaying their liberating arrival. It is important to understand and to distinguish because the rudiments of the material plane can be very deceiving. The lesson comes from Christ the Unmistakable, and it says where the Kingdom of Heaven really is, the Kingdom of Heaven that shall not come from outside signs. Learning to discern is the first step, and knowing how to put it into practice is the whole and final journey. In short, the evolution process aims at integrating the spiritual spark to the Christi Grade, placing it above worlds and forms. It can be said that it is the process of inner movement geared towards developing and revealing the Divine Virtues of the child of God. Through evolution, it shall become one, that is, it will shine, be glorious and powerful; it will be a filter or a reflex of the Divine Authority. Evolution, in one word, is the EXPOSITION of the potential values.

SACRED PURPOSE: “It has come to our knowledge, Lord, that You reveal Yourself as Spirit and Matter, Worlds and Humanity, and that at the end of the relative cycle You reintegrate all things, because all things derive from Spirit and Truth, and to Spirit and Truth everything shall return!

10. SACRED PURPOSE – The Sacred Purpose of Existence is to return to the bosom of the Essential One, as an integral part of the Essential One, leaving relativity behind once and for all to become Divinity. Since the spark is a particle of the Principle or God, emanated and not created, it is still fundamentally connected to It, from Which essence, life and several and multiple resources and power are reflected. And at the end of the ascending journey it shall become God in God, or Spirit and Truth, because everything originates in God and everything moves and fulfills the purpose in God. Fortunate is the one who has reached the true personalization, who has evolved so much to become one more ONE with the TOTAL BEING, or the INDIVIDUATED AGENT OF THE PRINCIPLE; who has become part of Its glorious and infinite ubiquity! The one who is, who lives to be a reflex of the TOTAL BEING, without ceasing to be Its child!

GOD AS A HUMAN CONCEPT – Human concepts can imagine anything, as long as the spirit starts its journey in the human species. They will accept anything: the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the trees, animals, statues, formalisms, clerisies, dogmas, rituals, sacraments, etc. They will worship anything, but they will not know how to love God, in Spirit and Truth. Ignorance leads to pride; pride leads to vanity; vanity leads to presumption; presumption makes the Emanature believe in their own ignorance, which has been the cause of so many faults, creating the worst of vicious circles. They must understand, before anything else, whether they believe in TRUTH and are in search of the TRUTH, or whether they are simply worshipping their own mistaken convictions. And, that is why each one should suspect their way of worshipping God, because one may well be only going through well-intended rituals, which, however well-intended, will never elevate the sparks in the inner temple, where only LOVE and WISDOM shall hold forth one day, the day the INNER CHRIST has been exposed. The anthropomorphic god who lives externally and pulls tricks out of a hat or through enigmas, mysteries, miracles, etc. does not have to be killed, retired or whatever, because he has never existed and will never exist. With the evolution of the spirits, or Humanity, the Divine Emanating Principle shall triumph over everything, because it will become evident that it is the Principle that acts through the Laws, the Elements and the Facts.

THE EMANATION - The Divine Essence is the Generating Source, everything else, Spirit and Matter, is Emanation.

THE DIVINE LIGHT – God, in Its ESSENCE, is indefinable; but Its Second State, which is Divine Light, externalizes It, turning Infinity into a true and perfect Infinite Ocean of Light and Glory, such as the human mind is incapable of defining. Worlds and forms come from it; in it the monads, or spiritual sparks, begin to move. As well as the thickening of the Divine Light results in solid matter, the spirit goes through a gamut of kingdoms and species to one day become Pure and Wise. The involution of the Divine Essence results in Divine Light and in all Emanation. It was and it is, to old concepts, the sacrifice of God, the vibratory descent, the Emanator presenting Itself Emanation, as Outside Universe, in the form of beings and things, of laws and virtues. The Divine Light is the beginning of the Emanation, the Birth of Relativity, the beginning of the Manifestation. The Divine Light is in everything and penetrates everything; it is the basis of all spiritual and material movement on the plane of Emanation because Matter derives from it, through thickening, and the Spirit uses it so that the perispirit can be formed and act as a connecting agent with the physical world.

THE SPIRIT – Sparks or particles emanated, not created, from the Divine Essence, and once they are externalized by the same Divine Essence, they become Spiritual Emanation. They contain the potential Divine Virtues and the Laws of Cause and Effect or the Universal Equilibrium. They have within themselves the ability to evolve or to self-develop. By developing, or evolving, they will be simply exposing the Divine Virtues that they naturally inherited. And since they bear the laws of Cause and Effect, the sparks have the Great Judge, the Scale of Justice inside themselves, which will reward them according to their deeds.

THE PERISPIRIT OR VEHICLE OF THE SOUL – Everything starts with the emanation of the spark, as a spiritual egg. Through millions of years, it goes on forming its vehicle of the soul, amalgamating ranges of Divine Light, Ether and Substance, elements that act as connecting agents between the spiritual spark and the body, which is elaborate cosmic matter, when the spirit incarnates on a planet. In the body, a gamut of Substances, Gases, Vapors, Liquids and Solids is formed. It is formed so the spirit child can interact in the Cosmos, or Matter. First, in the very beginning of the evolution of the spark, the crown of Divine Light is formed; following that, six energy crowns are formed, where the chakras or plexus are also formed. Standard men, at the current stage, have reached seven energy crowns, and each of them contains a chakra, plexus or energy center. Without the chakras, or plexus, physical senses or mediumship abilities, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, could not work. It is in it and through it that the spirit records the marks or evolution achievements. Nothing can reflect the degree of elevation or the evolutional tint more than the astral body, the perispirit. It moves everything inside the spirit and reflects it on the outside, or on the astral body, so that the state of Divine Light, the Second State of God, shall be its absolute color! The perispirit begins and ends, because it is slowly divinized and sublimated, as its owner is divinized, and when the latter become ONE, SPIRIT and TRUTH, the vehicle of the soul will no longer have a task to perform. Therefore, the more the spark grows in terms of LOVE, TRUE and VIRTUE, or blossoms inside, the more etherealized the vehicle of the soul or the perispirit becomes. And the more etherealized the perispirit, the fewer the crowns, through sublimation; until one day there is only one crown left, but now, extremely expanded, making the spark shine like a Divine Sun, participating in the DIVINE UBIQUITY. The vehicle of the soul, or perispirit, is able to go through a complete metamorphosis. It is important that each child of God who inhabits this Planet is fully aware of that, so they do not work against themselves through criminal acts, which go against the Commandments of the Law of God.

MATTER OR THE COSMOS – In the Emanation, anything that is not Spirit is Matter, varying from energies or substances to solids. And, from substances to solids, the Matter serves the Spirit, it does not govern it. Spirit is more than Matter on the Relative Plane. Blocks of matter, at whatever level, substantial or concrete, do not contain the psychic value, the idealist flag, the spiritual power. Spirits have, and it must be recognized as superior, the divine individuated element, the spark, the inner being that awaits the structuring of the personality. It must be used well, but never worshipped as if it were more than the Spirit. Pay close attention to this, because idolatry is always damaging, it is always a crime against the supremacy of the Spirit. Those who resort to idols, whichever they may be, take away their own right to fine-tune and transfer it to what can never have it! It is an abominable act, because clubs and stones, amulets and all such things can never have any moral or intelligent value to intervene as spiritual power. That is why the first two Commandments are absolutely concise, telling us to know God and to never worship Matter. Without making it a complex issue, let us just say that Matter, be it on Earth or wherever, will always be subordinate. Matter is Divine Essence, Divine Light, Energy, Ether, Substance, Gas, Vapor, Liquid, and Solid.

SPIRITUAL WORLD – The well-known Seven Heavens subdivide into over thirty thousand sub-heavens, bands where the disincarnate dwells. And there are worlds which are much more, and there are worlds which are much less, in all senses, sizes, hierarchy, etc. The bands of the sub-crust and the thresholds are darkness, tears and grinding of teeth, while the outer levels increase in Light and Glory. No one shall ascend to more divinized heavens without developing the Latent Divine Virtues.
The Law of Hierarchies prevails over everything, by order of the Divine Justice, and never due to the intervention of false mercy. Therefore, the need and fairness of the existent fractionation must be conceived, so that each one will be able to receive what they deserve according to the wisdom of the Supreme Justice. There must be as many countless staging places for as many countless degrees of merit. And when the child of God is completely divinized, he will no longer be subject to the Planetary jurisdiction.
One can only enter what we call the Christi Plane by overcoming the Hierarchy of the Planet, or of the heavens. It is the so-called Inter-Worlds Heaven, the Kingdom of Pure Spirits, or the One Spirits, the Divine Verbs, which make up the Divine Providential Order. Through evolution, everything should end in the eighth heaven, the last level, which is opalescent and crystalline, and whose brightness and glory are beyond human understanding! The physical yeast, which is external and circumstantial, also ferments in the sublimation sense; and that is why the center of the Planet, the inner bands, must one day be like the outer model, the eighth heaven! No one can stop this journey, because God wants it so. All cataclysms, convulsions, will lead to the outer Christi Heaven. One day, the Earth will have to be a fluid, crystal and opalescent world, all light and glory!

MIGRATIONS – The concept that spirits migrate to other Planets as they grow spiritually is entirely false. There are glorious heavens in the Planet, where they can and should work, in favor of the heavens below and of the Planet, inhabited by the incarnate. From time to time, they incarnate to fulfill tasks, according to their hierarchical levels.

THE CHRIST – Christ is a grade, not a name, and therefore, He is Impersonal. The Christs who govern the meta-galaxies and planetary systems, or the planets are spirits or souls that have risen above material and animal restrictions. The Christs are an example of unification, of being in harmony with the Divine Essence, or God, and they are manifestations or filters of Its Will. This does not mean the TOTAL UNION with the Principle or God yet, but the Christs who govern Planets, Systems and Groups of Systems, usually represent the DIVINE UNION. Spirits must grow within themselves, develop, overcome Matter, and surpass the limitations of all restrictions. It does not matter what is said about the Earth and the infinite worlds, because one is the Law and one is the great problem – overcoming, through evolution, anything that may restrict the Spirit.

THE EXEMPLARY VERB – The summation of the Divine Origin, the Evolution Process, the Sacred Purpose, the Dissemination of the Revelation and of the Final Resurrection of the Spirits. Jesus represented the Christi Grade before the world to reveal the MODEL, the Grade we should all achieve. This is the Divine Model provided by the Emanating Principle and should be imitated through Evolution, rising above any religious manipulations. No one shall equal Him unless through TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, not even by buying all the idolatry adulation and malice sold by the religious fanatics to the simple-minded.

SIGNS OF THE EXEMPLARY VERB – He is before the World is, announced before incarnating by Angel or Messenger, born due to mediumistic phenomenon and not of man. He comes with LIMITLESS Gifts of the Holy Spirit or mediumship, performs great mediumistic deeds, does not stay in His tomb because He represents TOTAL RESURRECTION, delivers the Spread of Gifts over all the flesh and orders to deliver the Book of Facts to Come, the Apocalypse. And, as Simeon the Prophet predicted, He becomes the victim of contradicting accusations made by human ignorance.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD – It is inside each one of us, because it is a Christ in development, it is an AWARENESS that should be expanded with the growth of TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE.

UNIFICATION – Only one Unification is necessary, that between the Divine Father and Its children. It will happen through the KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH, inside each child of God and not in the bosom of religious manipulations. It suffices to believe in Christ, who recommended that we worshiped the Truth, that is, the laws of life and the love among brothers. It is the duty of each person to bear worthy fruits by example to realize the Kingdom of God inside them, which is the equivalent to being a good guide to brothers who are lower down in the Evolution scale.

THE GREAT PROBLEM – Considering that the problem of the spirit is not SALVATION, but MAKING THE DIVINE VIRTUES BLOSSOM, and that it will never be solved with sham, simulations or appearances of actual worship, the great problem lies in knowing that the Kingdom of Heaven is inside each one, because we are children of God, and also knowing that the Kingdom shall not come from outside signs, because inside each one are the Divine Virtues to be blossomed and the laws of cause and effect, which will make each one receive according to their inward accomplishments. No spirit shall become ONE WITH THE FATHER unless it defeats Matter without exceeding it.

LAW AND JUSTICE – Between the Father and Its children lies the Law of Equilibrium, the Strength which enforces the Will of God. Names may vary, but the essence is the same. Justice is the reaction of the Law of Equilibrium; it is the enforcement of the comminatory sanction, which, even if it does not seem so, comes from the inside, from our innermost selves. The Emanature is the trigger, its own judge. If one uses Free Will wisely, rights and privileges increase, pushing Determinism in their favor. If used unwisely, Free Will diminishes and one is left to the austerity of Determinism. In fact, Determinism means to be subject to the basic laws, to the master plan; Free Will comes after that basic premise, it is our personal will, which entails responsibility.
God wants us to be spontaneous in our good deeds and wisdom. When our individual will and Determinism agrees, the ending is happy, when our personal will works against Determinism, or the master plan, consequences are unfortunate. The spirit is free to act in the bosom of the Universal Order, just as a bird is free to do as it wishes, in its cage. And, therefore, we have the spirit left in the whirlwind of lives and worlds, in the game of deeds and their respective responsibilities, caught between the Supreme Determinism and the Relative Free Will.
The managing organizations of the spiritual world simply heed the outcries and clamors of the inward of each spirit. The mistakes one makes are marked on them, recorded, and it is their duty to repair them by doing good deeds in Space, in Time and in different lives. There is no outside redeemer for the inner criminal records.
The rule of the Law, generally speaking, is this– those who make mistakes must repair them, by compensating for them by doing good deeds or by grieving in direct proportion to the grief they caused! And those in debt should remember that the Divine Justice is Absolute, but flexible in its applications, and has much to offer to those who repent… But, remember, repentance should be expressed by doing good deeds to others, because those fussy, idolatrous, ritual, formalist or exterior repentances are useless.
The Law does not dismiss Mercy, and nor does Mercy dismiss the Law; in reality, forgiveness does not exist. Should they not be able to repair their faults through good deeds, those who cause pain shall feel pain. It should be noted that, generally, those who err knowingly pay by expiation and pain. However, those who err unknowingly, because of ignorance, shall have other choices. Forgiveness, the simple elimination of a record of guilt, is never an option without the contribution of reparation deeds.

THE LAW OF GOD – When the time is right, all Humanity in evolution process receives a Basic Code of Moral or BEHAVIOUR, so there are no crimes among brothers or fellows who are on the same journey to foster the blossoming of the Latent Divine Virtues. The Balancing Force of the Universe is expressed intellectually by the Law of God. The Ten Commandments are the intellectual expression of the Universal Equilibrium. That is why those who violate the Commandments put themselves in an unfavorable position before the Balancing Force and must re-balance, with no other alternative.
The Law of God has three meanings – Moral, Love and Revelation. Moral harmonizes and dignifies, Love sublimates and divinizes and the Revelation warns, illustrates and comforts. The Law shall never be revocable, because Moral, Love and the Revelation will never pass, even if the physical worlds do. The Law, on Earth, goes back to the first Bhuddas, having been passed on to different races, peoples and through different ages. The Law is the Whole Gospel.
The Law of God, the Code of Divine Moral, has in the First Commandment, the SENTENCE which expresses the DIVINE ORIGIN, THE EMANATION, THE GOVERNING LAWS AND THE PURPOSE OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. For Incarnate spirits, the First Commandment is a compendium of the Law, because to love God in Spirit and Truth means to be incorporated in full spirituality, to have reached the Christi Grade. In general, no one shall be able to unravel the problem of the First Commandment without being able to carry out the other Nine Commandments, because the path to fulfill the First Commandment lies in the remaining Nine.
Those who break the Law before their brothers shall never be able to accomplish it before God. The first three Commandments relate to God, Which we must love in Spirit and Truth, or through good deeds, and not through idolatry, rituals, hysterical speeches, etc; the other seven Commandments teach Pure Sociology, how to treat others decently.

1- I am the Lord your God, there is no other God.
2- Thou shall not make any carved images to adore.
3- Thou shall not utter the name of God in vain.
4- Thou shall have a day in the week for resting and contemplation.
5- Thou shall honor father and mother.
6- Thou shall not kill.
7- Thou shall not commit adultery.
8- Thou shall not steal.
9- Thou shall not bear false testimony.
10- Thou shall not covet what is thy neighbor’s.

THE LAW OF SPECIFIC WEIGHT – Every child of God should consider the Law of Specific Weight extremely carefully in order to exercise it as accurately as possible. It is owing to this law that, like it or not, each one is his or her Own Judge. Every thought, as insignificant or least intense as it may be, triggers or pushes the astral body somewhere, to some place and to some effect. That is the law of specific weight in action, whether its host knows it or not, whether its owner wants it or not! Depending on whether the thoughts are good or bad, so shall the deeds be, and the law of specific weight shall record everything on the same astral body, the vehicle of the soul, in order to form the vibratory level of its owner. Since actions and the conditions of the spirit are in perfect harmony, it is easy to understand what is called the law of specific weight, the relation between the electromagnetic qualities of the astral body components and the place where the spirit should be. That is why when it disincarnates, the spirit goes to one of the sub bands of the sub-crust, the thresholds or the brilliant heavens. When it thought, felt and acted, it has created a condition in itself, by imposition of the law of specific weight; that is, whether knowing it or not, it moved the Law of Harmony or Equilibrium, forcing the Divine Justice to determine which way.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER – Since God is Eternal, Perfect and Immutable, let man realize what falls to him. Since VERTICAL Love represents all positive values, Jesus summed up all general duties in it. Love is simplicity, kindness, humbleness, forgiveness, sacrifice, loving deeds and a fulfilled life. Love, which sublimates and divinizes, is the main vibratory expansion factor. God is the Absolute Love that resides in our very foundations; we shall reach the STATE OF UNITY, harmony with the Divine Father, by being kind to our brothers and by LOVING ONE ANOTHER. That is why, although religious people speak frequently of Love, only spirits who are conscious truly live it! They live Love and prove that they put it into practice because they are capable of getting to the utmost Abnegation and the glorious extreme of Self-denial! Can you imagine Love without Kindness and Kindness without Love? Nevertheless, know this: religions and sectarianisms do not refer anyone to God; but Love put into practice, Kindness expressed by social deeds do. LOVING ONE ANOTHER is what guarantees celestial privileges.
The Divine Justice, precisely because it is Divine, only considers GOOD DEEDS, LOVE expressed through KINDNESS. When Jesus was said to be GOOD, he replied that only God Was GOOD! Goodness is spontaneous, pure, never cunning! It is goodness for goodness’ sake, it never seeks rewards. And remember that, for all intents and purposes, LOVE is the main instrument for the elevation of consciousness. That is how it works in the lower worlds because the wisdom of man has very often driven him to the abyss of tears and grinding of teeth. When SCIENCE grows ignoring or denying the importance of MORAL, it is as if the reins have broken and the rider ends up being less than the horse. Growing in LOVE is moving forward towards ABSOLUTE SCIENCE.

M – These are the paths to unification, of harmony with the Father or the Divine Essence. The Christs are spirits who have cultivated the union with the Sacred Origin within themselves through an inward involvement. Those who have risen to such levels of hierarchy, become the reflexes or filters of Divinity. Wisdom and Love, but the WISDOM OF THE MORAL LAWS and LOVE PUT INTO PRACTICE, are what elevate the children of God to kingdoms of such levels. There is no Peace without Love and no Authority without Wisdom. The problems of Knowledge and Love must be resolved inside, at the cost of living life by being as useful as possible to others, because it is by observing how one treats others that the Emanating Principle gets to know about the spark. Clerisies, formalisms and idolatries reveal men that are like graves, whitewashed on the outside and rotten and reeking inside. God does not want appearances, It wants upright children.

NEED AND PAIN – Spirits begin to feel and reason the need when they enter the animal world. The life of a spirit, before entering the Christi Grade, before it rises above worlds and shapes, is a real schedule of needs. Need is the Law that forces evolution, that makes the spirit want to be better and drives it to change situation and circumstance. Pain is only the need more intensified, a more acute fault in character, it is a gap that is more intensely felt; under normal circumstances, the need does not get to be pain. Pain comes, that is natural, when there is an absence of LOVE and SCIENCE… Liberation comes through good and wise deeds, not through any other means, and pain is merely a powerful argument, brought about by the many forms of negligence.
When Christ suggested that we should LOVE God with all of our hearts and all of our intelligence, he was only teaching us how to prevent pain. Intelligence should be honored with intelligence; Love should be honored with Love; Justice should be honored with Justice. Pain is a consequence of an abnormality and it should be avoided. In general, pain can be accidental, a test, atonement or a mission. Passive pain is that which is caused by mistakes; active pain is that which come from dignifying deeds, missions to be accomplished or necessary trials. Therefore, one should not simply speak of pain, or pains, but understand the moral and judicial significance of their possible manifestations in the anature. Through active pain, one reaches all the improvement one is capable of, whereas through passive pain one loses everything, or almost everything, not to mention the increase in debt when the Emanature falls into the tenebrous corners of defiance and blasphemy. Missionary pain is the only fortunate one. Jesus gave his life and did not object to Heaven. He asked for the chalice to come because it is the spirit’s duty to fight pain through its motives. But, once He knew how it had to be, that is, he knew that without the testimony of blood He would not be able to leave His testament, He immediately heeded Heaven.
AcAccidental pain, the pain of atonement, cannot be fortunate. Even the trial pain is not recommended, because there being means to reach Heaven through science and love, why, then, do it through torturing ties? Regular and healthy work can settle the issue, without dilacerations, exaggeration or violent explosions. When man becomes simple and prudent, he shall certainly become less selfish, less proud, less sensual, less materialistic and less brutal; and the law of needs shall lead man to the christi pinnacle, without the interference of pain.

ST – The Book of Acts of the Apostles is the BOOK OF GRACES, because it is the Book of Resurrection and of Pentecost, or the fulfillment of the Promises contained in the Old Testament and the Promises of the Incarnate Verb. Expecting to understand the Doctrine of the Path or Christianism out of the Book of Acts is equivalent to building the tallest and most beautiful of the edifices and leaving it without a roof.

MEDIUMSHIP – It is the divine law of relations. It acts as a connecting agent; it does what the Earthly man cannot understand yet. On the higher planes, it harmonizes the son with the Father; it is absolute intuition; it turns the child into Verb or the Will of God. It plays an indispensable role in the Emanation. It rarely presents even an average intensity in the earthly Humanity, owing to the significant human inferiority. Revelation is certainly frail in places where Moral and Love are meager… Many of those who are claimed to be great mediums are not but major criminals on serious compensation tasks. In any case, one should never utter blasphemies against this virtue! Remember that it is much more respectable than it seems at first sight.
Thus, whether speaking to well intentioned or to bad intentioned ones, the fact is that it is through diumship that the spiritual world will continue forcing man to know universal and general laws. No one will ever stop the progress of the mediumistic contacts of the Revelation; it has and will always be the Cornerstone of the Truth Revealed. And, do not forget that Jesus had limitless mediumistic powers, which explains the phenomena He performed. So intense were they that humans, vulgar and inferior, seek to deny or explain them as they see fit. All spirits shall become full mediums through evolution.

In essence, the spirit comes from the Divine Essence that God is, and must bloom the potential Latent Divine Virtues it carries within it. Without TRUTH and LOVE, no one shall be able to do it.

God delivered the Supreme Messages to Its children through the Moral Law and the Model Christ. They represent TRUTH and LOVE, which shall never end.

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