God has no special children, no one exists by chance and fundamental and unshakeable laws rule everything!

Christ is a Grade, not a name, and therefore IMPERSONAL. Jesus represented the Christi Grade before the world, in order to reveal the MODEL, the Grade we all should achieve.

Christ, as an individual, is a child of God like all others, who rose to the Sacred Purpose going through the normal evolution, that is, giving in to the Evolutional Process, through worlds and lives, therefore, subject to conditions always imposed by circumstantial factors.

Each spark of God has potential Truth and Virtue within it; each one is responsible for its manifestation and blossoming; and in Space and Time, through worlds and lives, facing conditions and situations, it shall have to blossom until it reaches the Christi Grade. This Grade Frees, because it means overcoming the Law of compulsory reincarnations. And that is why, when referring to this Grade, Jesus stated that it was the Path, the Truth and Life! That is, the General Synthesis perfectly revealed.

As the Exemplary Verb, Alpha and Omega, or representing all that comes from The Principle and to It shall Return as Spirit and Truth, Jesus is the Example of Behavior, of subjection to the Divine Laws so as to hasten the return to the Divine Bosom, as Total One.

To choose Jesus is to choose the Law of God; to choose the Law is to choose Moral, Love and the Revelation; to choose the Revelation is to learn the importance of Wisdom and Virtue; to live with Wisdom and Virtue is to self-christify.


No other Initiatic Character was promised as HE was. No one was so expected. No one was announced as He was, at the time of His incarnation. As announced, he was not born of man and passed through the World with LIMITLESS Gifts of the Holy Spirit. He did great mediumistic deeds or because of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. He promised not to stay in the tomb and he did not. He presented the Resurrection and the Glorious Pentecost, the generalization of the Revelation. He required that the Apocalypse, the Book of Forthcoming Facts should be delivered. After He came, as it was said it would happen, many contradictory accusations, corruptions and blasphemies flooded the World… in His Name! ...

It is IMPOSSIBLE to understand the Doctrine of the Path, which belongs to God and which He only transmitted, without understanding what He represented and represents! … Because He represents the lived Law, the Spirit and Matter deriving from God and returning to God, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, gloriously nurtured and generalized. He did not come to found any religion, because He simply came as Alpha and Omega, to LIVE THE DIVINE PROGRAM. Every one should read what is written below to know how to act or to be rid of so much nonsense from the incarnate and disincarnate. Because the Law He lived, the Truth He represented and represents, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which He so divinely cultivated and generalized, do not depend on men, incarnate or discarnate. Even because no one will bring another Law of God, no other Exemplary Verb will come, and no one will produce other Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

1. Why was He there before the World existed? Before anything else, Spirit is more than the Matter in the Plane called Relative, mistakenly called Creation, because reality is EMANATION OF THE PRINCIPLE OR GOD OR DIVINE FATHER. How could He have emanated together with the World, which starts in the Divine Light, by its densification and the densification of the other succeeding elements, when He was the commander of the Spiritual Legions, who acted so that the elements would thicken and, later, activated laws and elements, as they still do, in the Planet and Humanity? Should He not have been there before, and with the intrinsic hierarchical merits? Also, should He not have to act through echelons, made up of agents in different levels, in hierarchy and scientific, technical and intellectual competence?

2. Why was He prophesized many centuries before incarnating? In the first place, it is important to consider the Ministry of Revelation, of the Consoling Grace, which, in spite of acting esoterically among the Secret Doctrines, or in the Oracles, has never failed to be and to work. Then, one must understand that there is a DIVINE PROGRAM moving forward, a Biblical-Prophetic reality going on, and that the Planetary Management has never failed to show this reality to the children of God.

3. Why was He announced by the Angel or Messenger Gabriel, when it was time to incarnate? Once again, as the whole Bible states, the Revelation, the communicability of Angels or Messenger Spirits works. And mainly because it was the historical time of the incarnation of the Constructor Verb, who would encompass the Exemplary Word and also the Spreader of the Spirit of Gifts and Signs over all flesh, as it was promised in the Old Testament and as the Book of Acts states its fulfillment.

4. Why was He promised not be born of man, and indeed He was not? One reason is that Spirit is prior to body; another, is the Verb to come with IMMEASURABLE Gifts of the Holy Spirit; another, to give testimony to the POWERS OF THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT; another, to mark EXCEPTIONAL TIME AND EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY. After all, the Moral Law had already come through the Revelation, and with His birth, by means of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Exemplary Verb comes, representing the Spirit and Matter, which, having ORIGIN IN GOD OR THE PRINCIPLE, to Him they return as SPIRIT AND TRUTH. It is common for Exemplary Verbs to be born this way and to leave tombs empty.

5. Why did a prophet state that He would be the TARGET OF HUMAN CONTRADICTION? Those who want will easily find lots of contradictory accusations, and, UNFORTUNATELY, each petulant, arrogant and blasphemous accusation intending to present tons of justifications. Just in the so-called mediumistic field, note how much nonsense there is intending TO EXPLAIN JESUS! … If such accusers do not know respectable things about Jesus, how do they presume to know what the EXEMPLARY VERB represents?!...

6. Why did He do great mediumistic deeds? Besides less important factors in the –hierarchic-doctrinal scheme, it was the INFUSION OF TWO IREEMOVABLE FUNDAMENTAL FACTORS – TO HAVE LIMITLESS GIFTS AND TO HAVE THE LEGIONS OF ANGELS ACTING OR ASCENDING AND DESCENDING UPON HIM. And did He not come to fulfill the Promise of Generalization of the Revelation? Why does the Book of Acts of the Apostles exist??

7. Why did He promise not to stay in the tomb and, indeed, He did not? One of the reasons is because He is the Exemplary Verb, representing Spirit and Matter, which, having ORIGIN IN THE PRINCIPLE OR GOD, TO IT SHALL RETURN AS SPIRIT AND TRUTH. Those who know that the Spirit and Matter of the children of God precede the World and move forward in Space and Time to the after-World, must meditate on it. Nothing happened or happens BY CHANCE IN THE DIVINE PROGRAM OR THE BIBLICAL-PROPHETIC TRUTHS. There are other minor reasons, but it is easy to understand that no phenomenon is IMPOSSIBLE when there is the intervention of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, or Mediumship, and of the Legions of Angels and of the Divine Determinism.

8. What is the meaning of Resurrection? The Model and Modeling, Verb, also known as Alpha and Omega, or Origin and Purpose, represents everything, the Spirit and Matter, which, having origin in God or the Omnipresent Principle, in It they move and in It they reach the Sacred Purpose, which is TO RETURN TO IT AS SPIRIT AND TRUTH. One should understand that, until the Crucifixion, everything had been preparations and promises; and the Resurrection had been the testimony to all initial reasons, being the Spirit and Matter, or the Emanation, presented in their accomplishing apogee, in their purpose achieved, or in their goals attained as a final reward for the tasks carried out. The Resurrection is ABSOLUTE VICTORY, IT IS DIVINIZATION ACHIEVED, and IT IS GENERAL SANCTIFICATION.

9. What is the REASON for the Pentecost? The three Fundamental Aspects of the Doctrine of the Path are - THE MORAL LAW, THE EXEMPLARY VERB and THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Revelation, which has the Gifts of the Holy Spirit or Mediumship as vehicle, has the duty to testify the Law and the Model Word, which are TWO FAITHFUL AND TRUE WITNESSES OF GOD, as stated in the Apocalypse, chapter 11. The Holy Spirit is not a third part of God, nor a symbol of good spirits, nor communicating spirit. To mistake the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, or Mediumships or Charisms for the communicating agents, spirits or angels, better or worse, is ridiculous and very harmful. Study the texts about the Spiritual Gifts, from the Old Testament to the Apocalypse, and respectfully pass it on to the children of God, because all and any mistake against the Grace that disseminates the Revelation shall be very costly.

10. What is the meaning of the Apocalypse or of the Book of Revelation? With the presence of the Planetary Constructor Verb in the Flesh and in the World, to live the state of Exemplary Verb, representing the Spirit and Matter, which derive from the Principle, or God, and return to God or the Principle as SPIRIT AND TRUTH, the Book that reveals what is to come also stays in the World, warning against corruptions, contradictory accusations, deviations and abominations; but also pointing out to restoring times and events. To ignore the Apocalypse is tantamount to ignoring all BIBLICAL-PROPHETIC TRUTHS. However, as the TRUTH is above human ignorance, or human hypocrisy, what do human incoherent postulations matter? Will the apocalyptic events not occur because of human stupidities?

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