1 – “If you like arguing, argue with man because the DIVINE JUSTICE totally hovers over these things.”

2 – “If those who like preaching to others were always before a mirror, talking to their own image, they would many times be compelled to silence, accused of falseness by their CONSCIENCE; this is because men, while they speak about the TRUTH, they deal more with Pockets, Stomach, Sex, Pride, Selfishness and other subaltern and unconfessed interests.”

3 – “The works are the grooves opened in the core of CONSCIENCE; fortunate is the one who, due to his prudence, complies with his obligations instead of fabricating religious tricks in order to dominate his fellow men.”

4 – “In view of the temporary powers of the World, no one has been granted the gift of infallibility… Christ had to materially give Himself up to then prove the supremacy of the Spirit… Therefore, the unfortunate ones will be always those who adorn themselves with the awards of the world, deceiving themselves and deceiving many others. These will spend centuries and millenniums in the darkness because they have used the name of TRUTH to trade the merchandise of lies!”

5 – “The world is cross-eyed! Instead of seeing Christ released and the Caiaphas and Herods, scribes and chief priests crucified, it chose to see Jesus crucified! After all, does the one who speaks on behalf of the SPIRIT have the right to see from the standpoint of matter?”

6 – “Some of the unfortunate executioners of Christ have greatly recovered, taking a place in the gallery of the Apostles of the Supreme Doctrine; others, however, have been only changing their outfit…”

7 – “The TRUTH, by way of the Planetary Christ, granted Elijah, the Restorer of the Sublime Doctrine, three incarnations to accomplish the Restoration and the Consolidation. Apart from that, it is the responsibility of times and many individuals to carry out the third part of the Christi Order, extending the Restored Doctrine to all frontiers of Humanity.”

8 – “The Lord Father wants each of Its children to say to themselves the last word about the TRUTH; and no one will say it before accomplishing it in the Inner Temple and hovering in the Christi Heaven. After all, a brother will never be able to accomplish the TRUTH for another brother. To teach is one thing, to accomplish is something else!”

9 – “No INITIATION produces Christs! The Doctrine will always teach, but the inner edification work will always be due to each child of God!”

10 – “The mechanism of christification is very simple; all it takes is to reduce the seven energy crowns into one, which is the DIVINE LIGHT, and the seven charkas to only one, making the coronary shine more than a crowd of suns.”

11 – “While the intellectual and moral misery is the wealth of Humanity, how can it enjoy the abundance of PEACE and GOOD FORTUNE?

12 – “If the TRUTH needed human lawyers and godparents, with what intrinsic merits would it give each one according to their deeds?”

13 – “The mistake of many people is to try to be updated with the insignificant speeches about the Law of God and the teachings of the Gospel; these people forget that the Kingdom of God, which should be blossomed in the inward, is simply a matter of control of Pocket, Stomach, Sex, Pride and Selfishness.”

14 – “He who looks at a brother and sees in him a religious or sectarian dissident only takes a very bad stand before Divine Justice.”

15 – “Those who have come from God have done it with the obligation to pursue Evolution and accomplish the Sacred Purpose; but man has been producing the sectarian and delaying fanaticisms throughout life, harming himself and his brothers.”

16 – “The Law of God and Christ, the two faithful and true witnesses, that will be always Ahead of God, were never religionist or sectarian because they have always presented themselves embodying Morals, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue. Why should they be religionists?!”

17 – “He who is still with the Science of the World seeks God from the outside to the inside; but he who is with the Science of Heaven, filters God from the inside to the outside. The former are only human; but the latter are already semi-gods!”

18 – “Everyone should know that men and Christs, the less and the more evolved, preach… But the Creator uses only the Law of Facts!”

19 – “You may have a long life on Earth; however, you will have to leave it and accountability will not be before politicians, scientists, religious men, etc. It will be before the Immaculate Justice of God! Therefore, leave always the last word to the Maximum Time, when worlds, shapes and transitions disappear.”

20 – “No one in the flesh would be able to count the number of little churches and tricks that man has already invented to dominate and exploit their fellow men; but the abysses of the sub-crust and the thresholds are still significant, showing legions of manipulators and dealers of faith.”

21 – “TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE have never needed to wear masks; but the fabricators of religionist traps have been able to do only that.”

22 – “The Sweet Nazarene strongly attacked the graves whitewashed on the outside and rotten inside; He spoke harshly against the Caiphas and Herods; yelled at chief priests and scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. All this cost Him the crucifixion! But, after His return to the Christi Plane, cowardice and trickery forged an agreement and all religionists started to celebrate hypocrisy.”

23 – “No one is greater than the TRUTH because if the multitudes of worlds and peoples, and their respective Christs ceased to exist, the Sacred Principle would remain Eternal, Perfect and Immutable.”

24 – After placing the TRUTH as ABSOLUTE VERTEX, because it is the EXPRESSION OF GOD, everybody else is only ITS child or brother; and, therefore, despite the variation of grades in the HIERARCHICAL TABLE, only FRATERNITY will be eternally entitled to the baton of command, for the PEACE OF GOD to prevail!”

25 – “If the TRUTH THAT SETS FREE were that which comes from rotten religious maneuvers, man would not have the obligation to change, but the TRUTH would; do not fool yourself, brother, with the human little tables, because they and their fabricators end up in places of weeping and grinding of teeth!”

26 – What would happen now to the Sweet Nazarene if He returned to the world without those clothes, hair, beard and other identifying characteristics? Would he not be crucified anyway by those who intend to be the owners of the new religionist order?”

27 – “To each one according to their deeds” has never ceased to be; therefore, for those who have always been able to recognize TRUTH, LOVE AND VIRTUE, times have never been about to come… Cycles go by but who said that the spirits and their possibilities also go by forever?”

28 – “Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millenniums, cycles and ages; are all opportunities and means granted by God to Its children so that they use them in the accomplishment of the Kingdom of inner Heaven. What have you been doing, child of God? Do you act as lord or as slave of worlds, shapes and transitions? Or can you control everything well, appreciating and acquiring values from all the gifts of the Lord Father?”

29 – “Laws are only those of God; therefore, no one was born nor will be born to fabricate Christs by magic; because everybody is subject to gradual evolution to learn to respect the ONLY LORD by ways of ITS LAWS. Anyone who disagrees, misled by religionist boastings, should change while there is time to avoid hassling those who, at the right time, rescue the ones who go down to the places of weeping and grinding of teeth.”

30 – “The Lord God sent Its Angel to find out, among the sectarians and their statements, who could win the Truth Award; but, after they had all spoken, vehemently defending their colors, the Angel of Truth left, without giving the Award because he wanted TRUTH and not colorful sectarians.”

31 – “If someone finds truths in the Law of God and in Christ that are out of Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue they should be suspicious; but if someone wants to judge those FIVE FUNDAMENTAL SENSES of the Sublime Doctrine, they should be much more suspicious of their mental health.”

32 – “None of the Great Initiates dogmatized or closed the door of progress; but the religionist dealers who succeeded them have only been able to do this under the most varied pretexts.”

33 – “The witness of the Lord is that one who lives by the Sublime Doctrine when he addresses his brother in ORIGIN, EVOLUTIONAL PROCESS and SACRED PURPOSE; as this is not easy, substitutes have been created… They are the clergies, liturgies, feigned clothes, enigmas, mysteries, sacramentisms, nobiliary titles, political infiltrations, purchases or theft of public real estate properties and assets, intrigues and councils, etc. That is, everything that is fattening in the World and burns in the Fire of the Immaculate Justice.”

34 – “No one has started already CHRISTIFIED! Therefore, learn to look forward and not backward. Always remember that magic tricks do not turn worms into swallows nor swallows into brave eagles; ask those who have and give to those who need!”

35 – “The Lord ordered to give cornmeal to the chick lets, broken corn to the young chickens and whole grains to the hens… But never ordered to turn the Sublime Doctrine into pills and bottled little theories to serve the selfish, resentful and pretentious men in their rages of authority and other human miseries.”

36 – “Those who dedicate themselves to the work of TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE do nothing but awake the Kingdom of God inside them; and the Lord God that sees in secret, will cause the Chalice of Love to overflow so that many others also benefit from it.”

37 – “Certain people pay so much attention to the brains and hearts of others that they lose the sense of their own brains and hearts… It is acceptable that a blind person guides another, but it is inadmissible that a blind person disappears before another!”

38 – “To enlighten your brother is one thing but to dull him with the pills of that mediocrity, which fatten our presumption, is something very different, don’t you think?

39 – “After getting to know the FIVE FUNDAMENTAL SENSES that characterize the Law of God and the Divine Example of Christ, everything else is a matter of faithful enfoldments or shameful pastiches!”

40 – “The real chief priests of the TRUTH, as much as they may deserve, never intend to be equal to the TRUTH; they are wise and, therefore, they know that the RELATIVE dos not measure the ABSOLUTE!”

41 – “The three hundred million years that the spark takes to achieve the human species, should be or constitute much accumulated experience, so that no one, after achieving the human species, would make such a mess of things. A simple truth would suffice: - never intend to teach truths to God, as the religious people do all the time.”

42 – “Many fools, who think they know everything, keep talking about DOCTRINAL PURITY and other ridiculous terms. Who knows so much about Doctrine to determine its end?”

43 – “Let us pray like this: “Lord, my Divine Father! Make my life on Earth long for me to have enough time to measure the length of my own tail!…”

44 – If you consider yourself STRONG, remember that Jesus, at the end of HIS carnal life, thanked the Apostles as they were by HIS side in times of temptation… Never forget that individual growth will have to take place in the center of Emanation because no one alone is self-sufficient!”

45 – “The only way to be helped is by helping; if one does not see well outside, how can they see well inside?”

46 – “Many are the children of God who would like to help the inhabitants of other Planets; but they have not yet learned to understand the family as the summary of the Cosmic Humanity. Can someone who cannot hold a house support the Infinite on the palms of their hands?”

47 – “The same way a woman cannot sweep her house while she furtively looks at her neighbor’s house over the yard fence, he who pretends to be his brothers’ doctrinal inspector cannot give the best example. Because the good example does not use any human titles, labels, appearances, institutions and statutes, but rather, uses as much sense of responsibility as possible. The yeast of the Pharisees does the opposite.”

48 – “Christ was and is the DIVINE EXHIBITOR… But the ones who are last in moral qualities try to be IMPOSERS.”

49 –”He who incarnates has an additional obligation: be an exemplifier! If the end of the carnal life comes and finds him exemplifying TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, he may say, before the IMMACULATE JUSTICE, that he has complied with his duty, but his duty only, let this be understood!”

50 – “Those who have read and understood the IMMORTAL CODE, have found out that SPIRITISM or RESTORED CHRISTIANISM is not a little box of pills or bottled little theories; in ten, twenty, a hundred or two hundred thousand years, the answers to your questions should be different, right?”

51 – “You will be concerned about your brother’s actions, but the IMMACULATE JUSTICE will not inquire about his acts, but about yours. Remember this fact well so that you will not cry painfully when you leave the carnal package.”

52 – Veda and Buddahs, our predecessors, taught preliminary truths; Hermes and Zoroaster got into doctrinal details; Moses made the law evolve and warned man in general; Pythagoras raised high the mediumistic research; CHRIST synthesized TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE; Rome corrupted everything and everybody; and Elijah came back to give the FINAL WORDING OF THE SUBLIME DOCTRINE. Those who intend secrecies, esoterisms, occultisms, enigmatisms, mysteries and the like will certainly be outdated and will have to be responsible for their error.”

53 – “Even in remote times, occultism belonged to men and not to God; who has seen God hiding any law from His children?”

54 – “In Ancient Initiations, silence was imposed under penalty of death... Because a champion of ignorance, once silenced, was taken for a wise man! And there is more to know: the true wise man who knows the things of God is not subject to human institutions or statutes.”

55 – “All simple truths may be told by way of allegories or parables; but the TOTAL TRUTH, the one that frees, is not in accordance with allegories and parables; it does not need to be disguised. Man needs to change, not the TRUTH!”

56 – “The backbone of Humanity is so used to bowing before religious formulism that, when glimpsing the TRUTH, it believes it sees devouring ghosts. And the fabricators of idolatrous maneuvers take advantage of that to continue to mislead governors and governed ones, kings and peoples, as the Apocalypse says.”

57 – If the INNER ENLIGHTENMENT came by way of idolatrous salaams, the traders of the temples would end up in Heavens and not in the abysses of the sub-crust. Those who do not extract Good for themselves from what they do will not do it for others.”

58 – “The TRUTH is not fractioned among the “isms” that fill Humanity, as some simpletons think because it is above “ISMS”, far beyond the current concepts that a normal human being may glimpse. Therefore, much on the contrary, when a child of God grows to the point of TUNING to the DIVINE FATHER, he will want to live united with HIM without caring about any “ISMS”.”

59 – “Human schools are good for STARTING, but the Divine School is the only one that is necessary to reach the Kingdom of Inner Heaven.”

60 – “That which is PURE CHRISTI OR CELESTIAL GLORY, no man can bring in his hands or formally, to give to another brother; the DIVINE JUSTICE is so simple that it simply wishes that each one finds it by themselves and makes good use of it in the Inner Tabernacle where the Divine Spousal takes place.”

61 – “Do not confuse the Consoler, the Informer of Heaven, with the Salvation of Grace, which is the corruption created by malicious man and dealers of faith; Salvation will never come from the outside because the deeds of others will never receive this grant.”

62 – “The Revelation, or the Consoler, teaches that God grants elements and opportunities; but who should use all of this to edify the Kingdom of Inner Heaven is each individual within himself.”

63 – “ All religiousisms are the remainders of uncivilness; this is because the uncivilized man has not yet parted from the man that considers himself civilized, and never will without making an enormous inner effort for the sake of TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE.”

64 – “The Divine Messengery, the Eternal Consoler, is composed of incarnate and discarnate; it is important that everyone knows that; and, even more important is that they work WELL and CORRECTLY.”

65 – “If the “ISMS” did exist, it was due to normal historical reasons; however, the hostility towards Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom, and Virtue has never been for this reason but for long repeated human mistakes. No one should fool themselves with certain religious statements because the really GREAT INITIATES always wished for the generalization of Revelation in elevated terms.”

66 – “See the Supreme Achievement of Jesus Christ, not in the Four Gospels but in the Book of Acts and in the Epistles, where continuous appeals for the preservation of His Spread of Revelation over all the flesh are made. This is because when the Revelation is perverted or annihilated, everything moves towards adoration and brutalization, making Humanity fall into a sad state, forging to it, painful cataclysms.”

67 – “All phenomena develop in Space and Time; all human movements had to encompass the law of cycles, in the bosom of ages; and let everyone bear in mind the following: in the middle of the twenty-first century, the time of transition between the ANCIENT AGES and FUTURE AGES will end. Only later will men in general learn what this means.

68 – “Even the Planetary Christs will assign their posts to others because even in those high hierarchical levels, progress impels life, sending Them to other vibratory continents from where the commands to the planetary systems, groups of systems, galaxies, etc. are issued.”

69 – “Wait for your brother for the right amount of time, but if he wants to stop or act badly, leave him and move forward because the DIVINE JUSTICE will always watch the effort of each child of God to reward him.”

70 – “We all have a path inside us; this path takes us to the sub-crust as well as to the high Heavens and we advance through our deeds. Every time somebody takes an action, he forces this path either downward or upward, in accordance with how the effort fits in the INTELLECT-MORAL ORDER.”

71 – “The Seven Bands or the Seven Heavens, which in turn are considerably subdivided, go from the Center of the Earth to the boundaries of the Eighth Heaven, which is the Christi or Universal Heaven; but in the bosom of the Eighth Heaven, hierarchical differences, bigger or smaller, still prevail.”

72 – “After crossing the boundary of the Seventh Heaven, no one is forced to reincarnate anymore; however, many do so in their zeal to help, further strengthening the sense of UNITY WITH THE DIVINE FATHER, which is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.”

73 – “One can only enter the Eighth Heaven after eliminating the last traces of materiality or animality that we carry, as we have descended upon the worlds to promote the inner growth; remember the parable of the mustard seed, if you still cannot understand it well.”

74 – All the perispirits or vehicles of the soul are scaled; each scale, seen by those who can really see, is subdivided into many other scales; and so on… And, one day, all of them will be reduced to ONLY ONE, which is the DIVINE LIGHT! On this day, at this CYCLIC-HISTORICAL TIME, the COMPLETE UNION will have been established and one more child of God will have entered the CHRISTI HEAVEN.”

75 – “Unfortunate is the one who, under different pretexts, is a stumbling block in the path of the TRUTH; that is, unfortunate is the one who, considering himself clever, impairs the walk of his brothers towards the TRUTH, because the CHRISTI ORDER is to fish souls and not massacre them!”

76 – “You will have a lot of work to get to know a little about the Law of God and the Divine Example of Christ; however, you will have even more work to accomplish what the two witnesses represent; because, in fact, they were never fallacious little speeches or religious maneuvers.”

77 – “Always base yourself on the Temple of Conscience or on the most potent Communion with the Divine father to face your peers; renounce all artificialities, all sectarian maneuvers, releasing the spirit, in order to become full and sovereign, above labeling; understand that God does not wear a mask and never wanted one for Its children.”

78 – “Be careful with the men who introduce themselves as doctrinal defenders because they found their little churches to defend their vanities and prepotencies. If you really are with the Law and Christ, try also to be with the Freedom of conscience in order to be always ready to take a few steps forward in the accomplishment of the INNER TRUTH.”

79 – “The Supreme Gift is to be child of God! After that, it is to know that the Christi Grade must be achieved by all of Its children; and, next, the most important, is not to be slave of little tables organized by man.”

80 – “A lot is said and a lot will be said, but the LOVE ONE ANOTHER cannot be put into practice really, by those who breathe through the means of religionist sectarianisms. Can he who is blind be able to see for others?”

81 – If you still cannot measure the spiritual plane, starting from the sub-crust to reach the Eighth Heaven; if you do not yet understand the Hierarchical Scale in the heart of Biological Order to consider the position of individuals in the bosom of Humanity, how can you dare say that you are a master of Doctrine? Don’t you see that if Christ returned to the carnal plane, he would say many things and he would leave many others to say?

82 – “The lack of doctrinal depth in those who consider themselves masters generates the great mediocrity in the apprentices; therefore, be careful with those who say that certain issues are very transcendent, because they do it in order to enjoy their own ignorance and continue to supply the market of deficiencies.”

83 – “Who told you, child of God, of the Infinite, that you were born to be a slave of tricks and sectarian maneuvers of some slickers and some other ignorant men? Thus, remember to listen to many but reserve the right to listen to yourself to know when it is time to change for the best.”

84 – “Do not become a masquerader because you will never be able to present yourself like that before the SUPREME JUSTICE. March on with pride even if you have to argue with all the owners of religions; and, if you have to draw weapons, look for these: TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, because all human artificialities, whether religious or not, will have to bow before them.”

85 – The simple-minded look for temples made by human hands and like offering simulacra to GOD, who is SPIRIT and TRUTH; but the conscious men live in the TEMPLE OF INFINITE and try to be decent in social conduct because they know that this is the only way to be connected with the Superior Plane of Life”

86 – “It is very sad to recognize that many seek the TRUTH through lies; that is, they do not know how to choose the best travel companions. Doesn’t the proverb say that having wise friends is to count on the Grace of God?”

87 – “We all have the Inner Heaven you have, however, not all of us have It blossomed in the same proportion. Jesus said many times, although blunderers of Humanity would take it from His mouth: “You and I are equal in essence but I am ready and you are still in the making; learn from me because I am gentle and humble and you will faster reach the Kingdom of Heaven that you have within yourself.”

88 – “Many times Jesus said that all men are equal under the laws that govern the Infinite Universe; but the blunderers of Humanity have always wanted to place inscriptions on human foreheads and they say that some should be exploited because others can be exploiters. When will this shabby trick cease working for the earthly humanity to be really humane?”

89 – “The solutions to the social problems depend on incarnate men; very wrong are those who expect these solutions from the spirits. This is so, because in the lower spiritual secluded places, such problems still exist, waiting for solutions and putting minds to work. And, let this be understood, out of the Law of Christ, there will be no happy solutions on either side.

90 – Without GOODNESS, there is no APPLIED LOVE; those who apply LOVE in terms of GOODNESS do so by RENOUNCING. And that is the solution for the political-social-economic problems on the lower planes of spirituality, inside or outside the flesh!”

91 – “In the Sacred Book of God, which is the Emanation, there are no sealed pages; therefore, always walk; always inquire and always evolve! And, if some blunderers show up, supplying pills and little bottles containing “mysteries”, leave them out because the time of childishness is gone.”

92 – “No one eats, drinks, dresses up or uses simulacra to fulfill all the basic needs to which God subject Its children in order to force them to evolve; and, then, why do you believe that to address the deep things of the spirit you must buy simulations and idolatries from the blunderers of the temples built by human hands?!”

93 – “Woe is you, man of the twentieth century, if you believe that you can enter the bosom of the future ages without trusting in TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE and trusting in religious simulations! Love among brothers will be increasingly demanded and, if you do not follow the cyclic-historical movement, you will have to migrate to lower worlds, where the daily bread will be even more painful to obtain!”

94 – “Many dread the problem of interplanetary migrations; but this is common in the COSMIC ORDER. It is just that each one is entitled to choose, through their deeds, to emigrate well or badly, for better of for worse.”

95 – “The solution of the Inner Kingdom of God is not in the worlds but in the INDIVIDUAL CONSCIENCE; the Law of God is the Code of Conduct, Christ is the DIVINE EXAMPLE and the Revelation is the Informant that warns, illustrates and comforts; if with that your are not with us, you are against us. We are with the TRUTH.”

96 – “No one was born or will be born to carry the sins of Humanity; no one was Born to be the REDEEMER, but the DIVINE EXEMPLIFIER. And you may understand this well by recognizing the Code of Conduct in the Law, and the Divine Exemplifier in Christ. No one will ever remove the two witnesses, faithful and true.”

97 – “Before the TRUTH and its truthful heralds, behave with dignity; they want LOVE and not adulation and exaltation.”

98 – “No man has the Kingdom of Heaven to give it to another man; but any decent man, with KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICES, can teach others how to awake the Inner Celestial Kingdom within themselves.”

99 – “The Great Initiates and the Unmistakable Christ introduced themselves as Emissaries of TRUTH; the religionist tricksters did everything possible to turn Them into TRUTH ITSELF in order to better position themselves as traders of tricks, that is, rituals, sacramentisms, idolatries, etc.”

100 – “How exhilarating it is that river of the water of life addressed in the final chapter of Apocalypse! However, how difficult it is to reach it in order to drink its water forever!”

101 – “How tasty are the fruits of the tree of life, which is the INITIATION! However, how hard it is to grow more and more to harvest the highest and tastiest fruits!”

102 – “Child of God, dispose of all and any sectarian artificiality if you really want to drink the water of eternity and forever eat the fruit of perfect knowledge.”

103 – “Do you know, child of God, why Christ was born away from the temple? Do you know, child of God, why He ran away from the temple? Do you know, child of God, why the people of the temple condemned Him to the cross? And do you know, finally, why the Resurrection and Glorious Pentecost took place away from the temple and its owners?”

104 – “While the truly notion of decency does not reside in HUMANITY, the Spirit of Lie will also work beside the Spirit of Truth; therefore, be careful those of you who cultivate mediumship and prophetism.”

105 – “Christ announced, for the last days of the first cycle of the Path of the Lord, the arrival of many false christs and false prophets; the final time of this period is the middle of the twenty-first century. Preliminarily: Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue will never require personal prestige, whether from man, whether from human institutions and statutes. Therefore, wherever they intend to subject TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE to human prestige or statutes forged by man, the Path of the Restored Lord will not be there.”

106 – “Will those who become fanatics for man and books, forging rancid and rusty, despotic and prepotent little churches, be qualified to feel, however distantly, the INFINITY of God and Creation?”

107 – “Moments of pondering must succeed moments of exaltation; however, what is really important is to live in harmony with the KNOWLEDGE OF THE INFINITE TRUTH so as not to need such goings and comings. If this is not yet possible for the man in the current evolving stage, then consider that the INFINITE TRUTH prescinds from human fanaticisms.”

108 – “Begone the dogs, and the sorcerers, and the shameless, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and all that loves and practices a lie” This is what the Apocalypse says and this is how it will be, in this little world, no matter what it takes.”

109 – “Blessed are they who wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb” – says the Apocalypse. But wrong are those who think of the material blood and, for this reason, when they speak of Christ, they hurt or blaspheme against Morals, Love, Revelation, Wisdom, and Virtue.”

110 – “The BODY is the DOCTRINE and the BLOOD is the EXAMPLE; those who actually know and live according to this, will have known and taken advantage of knowledge; but if they have only made little speeches on behalf of Christ, rest assured that they will have to settle severe accounts with the UNPOLLUTED JUSTICE.”

111 – “And what will we say then of those who turn the Supreme Doctrine into feigned clothes, simulacra, liturgies, clubs and stones, clerical nobilities, political orders, inquisitorial accumulations, deceitful capitalist swindles, temporal dominions and other zillions of immoralities?”

112 – “Let men surrender to the PURITY of heart and LUCIDITY of mind; let the children of God to be good and worthy companions to their brothers; and consequently, they will be all really ministers of God!”

113 – “It is useless to thicken the bark of a tree that does not have heartwood, because the first wind will blow it down. The same happens with the men who rely on possessions, on the titles of the world and on the insignificant things of those who, because of their ignorance, think they are right by acting like this.”

114 – “Under the rag there hides an angel”; this is how a verse in the Old Testament reads. However, the justice of men celebrates the murderers, thieves, hypocritical men, sellers of idolatries and many other criminals while it despises and exploits the small and humble.”

115 – “We have already hurt our feet on the hard and stony paths of this world; we have already spoken about and shown the ESSENTIAL TRUTH; therefore, let the promise of the Lord be fulfilled through the Prophets, Its Servants, as Apocalypse says.”

116 – “Until that day, when giving commandments to the apostles he had chosen through the Holy Spirit, he was taken up.” And as the Revelation generalized by Him had and has to be spread over the Earth, those who read the Book of the Acts and the Epistles will find His followers talking and imposing the hands, their gifts blooming and making people share the Grace of the Pentecost. Holy Spirit or Consoler is the global name of the Divine Messengery. (See the Prayer to the Holy Spirit).”

117 – “Galilean men, why are you looking up? This Jesus, who parted from you and rose up to Heaven, will come the same way you saw Him going to Heaven.” And this is how it will be, in the Future Ages, because other abilities will be more common, compelling you to see Him and His legions. As He had the angels ascending and descending upon His head, His Servants will also have. However, the selection shall be processed separately and each one will be responsible for the preparation, through the deeds, distinctly.”

118 – “Reaching out Your hand to heal illnesses, and to do wonderful and prodigious things on behalf of His Holy child Jesus.” And, as Humanity’s improvement will be achieved in millenniums to come, the rescuer legions will have a lot of work, providing marvelous warnings, illustrations and comforts. And, how could they forget the One who paid in the cross for the generalization of the Revelation, the Consoler Grace, which until then only worked in esoterism?

119 – “The Apocalypse, in chapter 15, says that, after the victory of Restoration, when the corrupting beast has ceased to exist, the truly ones will sing the canticle of Moses and the Lamb. Yes, they will sing to the DOCTRINAL ESSENCE, to the TRUTH THAT SETS FREE, without human titles and labels, because there will only be the cultivation of Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue. Centuries and millenniums will go by if necessary, but this is what will happen.”

120 – “Dearest ones, do not believe in every spirit, but see if the spirits are from God, because many are the false prophets who have risen in the world.” Prophet or medium means the same thing; he is the one who, through whose gifts, the angels or spirits communicate to warn, illustrate and console. And will it be necessary to say that it is important to distinguish the communicating spirits? It is also John the Evangelist’s the job of commanding the Spirit of Truth or the messenger legions after the Replacement of things. He will be responsible for prophesying to many peoples, nations and tongues, as the Apocalypse says; and this is how it will be, so men will remember, at least the most intelligent ones, that all prophecies have been fulfilled and so will be all those which have been waiting for the due time.”

121 – “If time has come to renounce to death in favor of someone, it has also come the time to dust off the shoes against the enemies of the TRUTH, as Christ taught. And two situations must be considered: one is to know when, why and how to act; the other is to know far the emanatures’ courage goes in order to perform the job right and well. It is very easy to make speeches or plot formulism in the name of the Law and of Christ, but to obey the Law and imitate Christ is not for self-indulgent, simulated and fainthearted ones. The number of the latter is high, inside and outside the flesh.”

122 – “Great Initiates, Patriarchs, Prophets and also Christ went through the flesh, teaching and exemplifying RELIGION, which is the TRUTH; but what has been said about the ORIGIN of the spirit as manifestation, and about the paths of energies, nebulas, worlds and primitive kingdoms to then blossom into human species, is nothing with respect to reality. And we may add, as an observation, that in the heart of the human stage, long before reaching the Christi Level, there are so many conditions and situations that what has been said and is known is very little for someone to consider himself wise in this respect. At least in this respect, no one should consider themselves a master in Israel, but only an apprentice, someone who is RELATIVE in view of the ABSOLUTE, who is PART and not WHOLE.”

123 – “Scriptures were not given only in other times; they will be given when necessary, when the time comes, because the CONSOLER is an instrument of warning, illustration and comfort, by the will of GOD and not by fanatical caprices of producers of little churches, human statutes and any sectarian schizophrenia. Do not confuse the alphabet with the TOTAL TRUTH in matter of Doctrine.”

124 – “It is possible to know the one who cultivates RELIGION, that is, Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue, by this sign: he tries to be updated with his social duties, with the do good, with the will to learn always, recognizing that the little world where he lives was not made by him nor by his brothers, earthly or not, wise or not, believers or not. He will seriously think about the ground on which he treads, about the Sun that brings him warmth and energies and about the air he breathes, as not being his individual properties. After all, he will live in his just position, as derived from the Only Father and participant of the Infinite Creation, with his brothers of the Infinite Universe, , only that.”

125 – “Much more interesting than seeing the external Christ or Divine Model is to know that we are equal in ESSENCE and that we owe to ourselves the obligation to match HIM. And there is still something that may be much more interesting because with the religious formalisms and maneuvers, we will never get there. The ONE who was crucified by religious men was born in a manger, spent HIS life teaching the TRUTH and healing all sorts of wounds and pains of His smaller and protected brothers. Therefore, it is wise to recognize that each one thinks as they can and not as they want; it is even wiser to recognize that the TRUTH THAT FREES, the RELIGION, is inside us, with or without the talks of whoever it may be. In any circumstances, separate GOOD from EVIL, and produce all the GOOD possible, affirming in the face of the world that no one will ever pass over the law, with beliefs or without beliefs. Human arguments are nothing but human arguments!”

126 – “He who is really calm and humble knows when he must speak and act properly because the Divine Model grew before the great ones of the world and appeared small before the small men, exactly the opposite to what we see happening with those who call themselves Christians… No wonder! Does the Law that Christ came to exemplify and not derogate differentiate between the small and the great, the wise and the ignorant, commanders and commanded, saints and libertines? The Law of God is not a parable!”

127 – “Heroism has many meanings, but the heroism that the TRUTH claims is very deep; it does not adorn heroes with the coat of arms of the world, which are almost always immediate, if not temporary… We have to know also that the former ensure glories in vibratory continents distant from the materialism of the world, while the latter may generate weeping and grinding of teeth right in the heart of materialism, very close to the plane of wars, pests and famines. Is all that glitters gold?”

128 – “Only the fools are allowed to think that one can make experiments with TRUTH or act deceitfully due to the simple fact of using its name when performing such acts. The ancient Initiates and Prophets did say that the TRUTH is a devouring fire; and Christ, His Verb, said the following: “HE WHO COLLIDES WITH THIS ROCK, WILL BURST; AND HE ONTO WHOM IT SHALL FALL, WILL BE CRUSHED.” Do not confuse TOLERATING mediocrity with ENCOURAGING this mediocrity.”

129 – “In any circumstances, let us say that he who is simple in conduct is fortunate because he will have his own conscience in his favor. If he happens to make a mistake, the SOVEREIGN JUSTICE will give him GOOD opportunities. However, the malicious one will pay to the last farthing. How do you use your mind?”

130 – “Let us not argue now about the ORIGIN of the spirit and his walk through the lower kingdoms; let us face these factors that are basic for the growth: WILL, RELATIVE FREE WILL, ACTION AND RESPONSIBILITY. Because no one will ever achieve the Christi Grade or the grade of VIBRATING UNIT WITH THE DIVINE FATHER without having to know and work in the heart of this reality. The most important thing is not to look down or know the mechanism of the ORIGIN, EVOLVING PROCESS and SACRED PURPOSE; the most important is to live in accordance with the level already achieved to make the ascension to the higher levels easier. Let us do our part because God will take care of His part without asking about our concepts or prejudices.”

131 – “The ill-fated human respects, the unfortunate social orders, all conspire for many to have everything and everybody, as long as the situation of self-indulgency or false happiness is not changed. And if the abysses of the sub-crust or the dark levels of the threshold were asked about such things, the answer will be terribly scary because it will recall the UNPOLLUTED JUSTICE, which ignores cowardice, pusillanimity, religiosisms and trickeries.”

132 – “Not everyone is entitled to say yes, yes, or no, no, only those who are MORALLY tall, MORALLY tall above all! Rise up to the MODEL CHRIST and ask HIM the question… Because only those who know can give testimony to the TRUTH.”

133 – “To rise up to the MODEL CHRIST is not a matter of geographic or geometrical measures; it is a matter of TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE because it is OMNIPRESENT TRUTH by virtue of having achieved this Level. If it were not the spirit known by the name JESUS, it would be another spirit, but it would be the same thing because the TRUTH is not personal, it is IMPERSONAL. The TRUTH lives in all and all should meet it.”

134 – “Everybody starts looking outside and everybody ends up recognizing that the KINGDOM OF GOD is in the inward; it does not come with outside signs. And those who get to know that, be aware of the idolatries, the rituals and simulations in general that are taken for religious, because no mask will remain in the presence of the Absolute Lord. Only the PURE will go to the KINGDOM OF THE PURE SPIRIT!”

135 – Let kids do kids’ things; allow the inexperienced youngsters to do things of their age, but if you meet a mature man, or who considers himself mature, doing stupid things, do not label him INTELLIGENT.”

136 – PRUDENCE, wherever it actually is, will not encourage mediocrity or the ridiculous; Jesus did not accept the request of a man blind by birth who asked HIM to be an Apostle and made the rich man himself show his incapability to be one. Did you understand? However, everybody will be PURE and WISE one day.”

137 – “Jesus asked once if he would find faith on earth when he returned. However, it is time to claim KNOWLEDGE, CERTAINTY and GOODNESS, as it is written in the books: The SPIRITISTS’ BIBLE and THE SPIRITISTS’ NEW TESTAMENT. The Father wants CONSCIOUS children, not only believers.”

138 – “Could many of those who like to judge others judge themselves well if they were forced by DIVINE JUSTICE?”

139 – Can you who do not know what is under the skin of your brother judge what he brings in spirit? “Had Christ, for example, a seal on his forehead placed by God for him to be recognized?”

140 – “The fact that we are semi gods does not really matter; this is God’s job, but the fact that we know how to respect this reality matters entirely because, from that, we will be given HEAVEN or HELL.”

141 – “It has been said that one should not give gifts to dogs and pearls to pigs; and what is left unsaid is, in how many cases we will not be more than that if we do not strongly and perennially resort to PRUDENCE?” Everybody judges, but how?”

142 – “The world is full of children of God who distrust others and who bring with them the unfortunate condition of over trusting their own ignorance and wickedness. On the Earth, the excess of reason is a dangerous pretext.”

143 – The fact that a newborn baby KNOWS what it is doing, does not mean that it functions physiologically, in the same way the SACRED PURPOSE of the spirit, if it depended on religiousisms, in many cases would cease to be and, in other cases, would only be an ironic or even ridiculous thing.”

144 – “Let us give Thanks to God for the fact that we know that while men grow before the TRUTH, the religiousism falls into oblivion. But, in mediumistic matters, the turtle cannot follow the flight of the eagle.”

145 – “Let us grieve the fact that we know that, if pocket, stomach, sex, pride and selfishness were not so powerful, many more children of God would already be free from the abysses of the sub crust and thresholds. The role of the body is to serve the soul.”

146 – “Each one presents, when disincarnating, their RECORD OF CONDUCT. And with this record, and only with this record, will they go to the place indicated on it, whether upward or downward, and nobody will ever take from the semi gods the right to be judges of their own case, the privilege of being the builders of their own fate, whether good or bad.”

147 – “The physical organs are, for all intents and purposes, the filters or the instruments of the spirit for the educational or freeing services; therefore, take good care of all of them, but, above them all, celestially take care of the pineal gland…”

148 – Do not try to know the law of the fluids, that thing that scares many of those who consider themselves doctrinal masters; try to evolve a lot, at least enough to command them with the power of your MIND. And, in the physical or dense worlds, learn how to use them as well as you can, because different places mean different dispositions to different concessions. On His plane of life, what earthly man would face the LIGHT OF CHRIST to then place a cross on HIS back, forcing HIM to carry it and then nailing HIM to it?”

149 – “Earthly Humanity is not able to understand Christ without his living in Palestine, wearing those clothes, doing what HE did, being crucified, returning in spirit and leaving the Glorious Pentecost. However, in all of this, there is much mediocrity because a VERB OF GOD has multiple conditions at disposal, to reveal HIMSELF, all, however, depending on the world where He does it, when HE does it and why HE does it. Out of this reality, certain DOGMATISMS serve ugly tricks.”

150 – “Heaven wishes that no GOOD SEED falls on STONY GROUND.”

151 – “He who does not ignore God as the Emanator, Sustainer and Designator of everything and everybody in an INFINITE way will never stoop to the foolishness of offering HIM candles, greetings, ritualism and all these trifles that childishness, rudeness and idolatrous mercenarinesses have been doing for millenniums and, they still insist on doing in favor of these same wickedness.”

152 – “To worship in SPIRIT AND TRUTH is to live with the MIND CONNECTED with GOD, who is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent; it is to use time and opportunities by doing GOOD; it is to use LIFE so as to make the BRAIN more lucid and the HEART more generous; it is, in summary, to be simply truthful.”

153 – “In the cultivation of REVELATION, of MEDIUMSHIP, anyone can note that the Great Spirits wish TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE while the lower claim formalisms and even impose conditions and childish, ridiculous and even repulsive subjections. Isn’t spiritism just mediumship?”

154 – “To use everything that is of Emanation well and turn everything into useful tools is not idolatry. Idolatry is to put matter ahead of the spirit; it is to subject the spirit to rituals and exercises to worship God; it is to try to pretend that formalisms and formulisms can persuade the DIVINE JUSTICE. Be also very careful with commercialisms in the name of DOCTRINE!

155 – “Everything and everyone is immersed in the DIVINE ESSENCE; everything is a matter of penetrating the matter and the gross layer of fluids and lower energies, to achieve the CELESTIAL COMMUNION! This is the CHRISTIFICATON of the spirit”

156 – “Make yourself one with me so that, being me one with the Father, we make up only one unity”, taught Christ, and we know quite well what is to be one with Him, the Father, to live the DIVINE UBIQUITY”

157 – “THE DIVINE UBIQUITY is the law that makes the growth of the spirit easier; and the more the spirit grows the more it will know what it means. And, to intend to understand it without experiencing it first is for fools.”

158 – “When fools believe that they are masters of doctrine, they prove to be so by saying that certain truths are very deep, and for this reason they prefer to be with the Gospel. Who taught you to blaspheme against the Gospel? Who told you that you know well the teachings of the Gospel?”

159 – “The proverb that says that it is better to be small among the great ones than to be great among the small ones is still valid; but the ideal is to be simple and humble, considerate and developing, whenever possible.”

160 – “There is a fable that says that a donkey said to its owner that the earth and its derivates, the Sun and its beneficial elements, and the air and its gifts make no difference among animals. Praised is the donkey of the fable, to a certain extent.”

161 – “Both on the carnal and spiritual planes, the spirit lives immersed in the dense elements, in more or less gross fluids and energies. The higher it reaches, in the evolving scale, or in the christifying walk, the higher it will reach the superior vibratory continents; and one day it will have to be COMPLETELY ONE with the Principle Emanator.”

162 – “Many are the means to force the MIND in the sense of links, either with the erratic levels or with the innermost vibratory conditions of Emanation; but the acts of BENEVOLENCE, where LOVE is filtered, supersede them all.”

163 – “There are many differences between a pure act of BENEVOLENCE and the intent of buying DIVINE JUSTICE with it; there is much difference between acting well, because you like doing so, and doing something good just to be in evidence and to boost your pride and vanity.”

164 – “Nobody eats, drinks, wears shoes and puts on clothes or uses the PRAYER for such purposes; but nobody will be able to put these realities in the place of the PRAYER. Everything that is not really from God is certainly not absolute and cannot be valid for all purposes. Wisdom lies in using correctly the correct element or resource at the proper time and for the correct purpose. TRUTH is not simulation, and does not need it to be represented.”

165 – “Consider this Wisdom: to distinguish what the EMANATOR is; to distinguish what EMANATION is; to distinguish what is more ONE to the EMANATOR. And now, brother and friend in Origin, Evolving Process and Sacred Purpose, enter, carefully, the field of work because UNITING is the PURPOSE and working WELL is the RIGHT MEASURE.”

166 – “Surpass the so-called WISDOM OF THE SPHINX, because REVELATION revealed that as an initiatic symbol to the ancient people, from thousands of years ago. After the Pentecost, the generalization of the Revelation, the duty is to leave the symbols aside to hasten the beginning of the adoration in SPIRIT AND TRUTH.”

167 – “PRAYER is a way of penetrating with the MIND the higher planes of LIFE to harvest and then distribute, even after extracting great advantages from it. He who wishes to measure the importance of the PRAYER, observe whom REALLY PRAYS with the eyes of the spirit or out of the flesh. It is not a matter of hypothesis, it is a fact.”

168 – “Really praying is not praying in any way; but despising the PRAYER, saying that it is useless or dispensable, is something that no sensible man should do, because the one who prays and does it purely becomes a filter of God.”

169 – “The real apostle of the TRUTH is the one who teaches praying in all the necessary ways: WISDOM, WILL, ACTION and SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY.”

170 – “Therefore, child of God, make your life a CONTINUOUS PRAYER; and the DIVINE FATHER will always give to you, so that you will always have something to give. The simple prayer is the one that links the MIND OF THE CHILD TO THE DIVINE OR EMANATING MIND, it is a matter of vibratory tuning and, without using the HEART, it is impossible to reach it.”

171 – “Some thinkers state that religiousisms or superstitions, idolatries and fetishisms, are unavoidable in the Humanity Evolving Process; but it is good to try to distinguish among those who are really ignorant and those who pretend to be, and those who exploit ignorance meanly. This note should be strictly made wherever human groups live at the expense of sectarian movements in any churchisms, emerging, also, in the sphere of the political, social and economic business, under the pretext of spirituality.”

172 – “The caricatured men, capable of acting as monkeys, confuse the “INFINITE WISDOM OF GOD, THE GENERATING ESSENCE” with their hellish maneuvers; that is why the religiosisms have postponed the progressive march of Humanity, in addition to making torrents of inquisitional events happen, etc.”

173 – “If on one hand it is liable to condemnation the exploitation of man by man in the so-called religious domains, on the other hand it is even ridiculous that someone still thinks that to worship God or obtain spiritual elevation, it is necessary to become someone miserable, vagabond, hungry, bearded, full of manias and enigmatic and grotesque behaviors, etc.”

174 – “Many people read thick books, full of scientific and technical terms, pretentious and bombastic; but few people are bothered with Chapter 18 of the Prophet Ezekiel. They think that those strong warnings were given to others... But the Law does not think like that because it is IMPERSONAL.”

175 – “Nothing is more harmful and ridiculous than those groups, than those little churches that presume them to be the MORAL RESERVE OF THE SUBLIME DOCTRINE; because they become fanatic for a man or a book, they think that they must impose their morbid conceptions even to God. Times change, but human defects remain the same.”

176 – “If acting well or giving worthy fruit by example were easy, nobody would insist so much on founding religiousisms...Where there is no ESSENCE, labels, tags, statutes, studied poses, rituals, swindles, etc. appear very fast.”

177 – “The tenth blessing was among the very many things that Jesus had to say and did not say: FORTUNATE ARE THOSE WHO WILL NOT LIE ON BEHALF OF THE TRUTH. AND, more fortunate are those who will not lie at all.”

178 – “A long and inflamed speech, or a sumptuous ceremonial, often yields nothing because it cannot fatten pockets, stomachs, prides and vanities. And less than ever would it raise someone morally, because how can that which has an immoral purpose moralize? Doltishness will make this happen: someone will no longer visit a sick person or someone in pain, give bread to the hungry and shelter to those dying of cold, to comply with his RELIGIOUS DUTIES in a fetid big house, kneeling before a wrong and dressed up man, bowing before sticks and stones. This is the repulsive practice that transgresses the Law of God, and makes the spirit, the Divine Spark, be less than matter.”

179 – “The Scriptures always mention the filthy spirits that act on the incarnate, causing them harms, tragedies, diseases, etc.; it is very good to read it all, very attentively, to consider where they are produced; because if the carnal plane were a little better, it would not provide the lower astral market so much.”

180 – “Be careful with this talk that affirms clearly and loudly the weaknesses of the flesh... Let us accuse less the one who cannot speak. After all let the spirit, which is the one that thinks, feels and acts, assume its responsibility, even if, in a fit of heroism, it has to show a little of morality.”

181 – “Anyone, simple and humble, without nobiliary intentions in the bosom of sectarian maneuvers, will say that, unfortunately, in this environment he has met the less recommendable persons. Fortunately, the sensible ones will never confuse the SUBLIME DOCTRINE with men, as the IMMORTAL CODE, the GOSPEL OF ETERNITY, which proclaims the AGE OF FULL CONSCIENCE, affirms.”

182 – “It is sure that the wine owes nothing to the label its bottle exhibits; however, many people do not buy the wine but the label …”

183 – “In Isaiah, chapter 14 it is said that the devil is a parable, a saying or an allegory; neither could it be less; but the children of God, who become diabolic transgressors of Law were never parabolized because they are very faithful or religious, to accept it. Therefore, an Angel was presented as a rebel, while the infernal religious men took the place of the unfortunate victims!”

184 – “Someone was asked about what an absurdity is, and he answered that it is everything that goes against his concepts... Undoubtedly, this man must be a great religious mentor! TRUTH will keep affirming that it is not the private property of anybody; but tell me, for how many centuries will it have to keep labeling the mercenary marketplaces of religiousism?”

185 – “Complying with duties is a matter of prudence, because this is the greatest of prayers; however, it is easy to invert the order of the facts, making long prayers, only for the purpose of not complying with the very short obligations. If hypocrisy were food, as well as wheat and other goods, hunger would never exist on the Earth!”

186 – “The more one has received, the more will be demanded from him... Everybody says it... to others.”

187 – “In a world such as Earth, with wars, disease, and hunger, he who keeps everything and everyone is only similar to it... For this reason Jesus affirmed that he had brought the sword and separation.”

188 – “The abysses of the sub-crusts and thresholds are full of individuals who only respected human respects. Why? Because, at the expense of these people, EVIL perpetuates and GOOD does not triumph!”

189 – “YES and NO are very short words, which many times cost long probation periods in places of weeping and grinding of teeth. Be careful with the words: YES and NO, GOOD and EVIL …”

190 – “Teaching others well is not so easy, just as it is hard to carry out what is said to others. For this reason, Jesus repeated: TAKE EXAMPLE OF ME WHO IS TENDER AND HUMBLE AT HEART.”

191 – “If HEAVEN were achieved with long speeches and sumptuous ceremonies, Earth would have been a world of PEACE and HAPPINESS for thousands of years.”

192 – “He who often speaks from the tribune, would many times stop doing it if, before heading towards there, he asked something to his own conscience. For this reason, a proverb says that hell is fenced in and the fence is made with the skeletons of judges and religious masters...”

193 – “Nobody spoke louder, nobody rebuked so much the human wickednesses and hypocrisies than Jesus; however, in His name, wickednesses and hypocrisies make a feast, because men know how to be good conjurers, always arranging the meetings among the deceitful self-indulgences and malicious social conventions.”

194 – “Poor are those who give false interpretations of the MAIN TRUTHS, with the objective of increasing the sectarian caprices and encourage selfish maneuvers.”

195 – “Many who believe in Jesus Christ turn a deaf ear when they read the last chapter in Apocalypse...Therefore, the religiousisms will have to end!”

196 – “If the TRUTH were sweet in the mouth and belly, everybody would swallow it easily... Ask about it to the Seer of Patmos, through Chapter 10 in Apocalypse. And, we must remember that, other than through UNIVERSAL THOUGHT, nobody will reach the TRUTH.”

197 – “No science is faker than the one that SUPPOSES the existence of God and thinks that the spirit must be touched to prove its reality. The grains of sand, when balanced, do not play the role of judge of the mountain.”

198 – “It will be easier to turn the Earth inside out than see Humanity go into the New Age, without the happenings foreseen in chapter 18 in Apocalypse. And how many religiousists will be broken down because they have been taking blessings from the idolatry and, in the name of the TRUTH, have traded with corruption!"

199 – “THE INTEGRAL TRIAL pertains to God only.”

200 – “THE GOOD CHILD is the one who remains in TRUTH AND LOVE.”

201 – “The religious "isms" are the ditches, in which men entrench, to, in the name of the same ABSOLUTE TRUTH, cultivate the relative prepotencies and mediocrities. Partially, they do it due to ignorance, or because they are forced by past ballasts, but partially they do it because they like despotism, etc.”

202 – “Before the TRUTH, and being all only part and relation, it is proven that nobody is special or favored; therefore, those who consider themselves to be more evolved should teach more and provide more benefits to his brothers, without resorting to titles, simulated clothes, caprioles, etc. Remember to live according to the Law of God and the Divine Example of Christ, and nothing else will be necessary.”

203 – “It was said to the Thomases that those who believe without seeing are more blessed; however, the explanation lies on the creature counting or not on the necessary evolving ballast. He who does not count on the senses of the spirit, uses the resources of the matter. Do not ask the earthworms for what should be asked the eagles.”

204 – “The religionists or sectarians insist on stating that their respective beliefs own the TRUTH; they know it so well and make their speeches proving it with the Bible in their hands; the TRUTH, however, even using none of the Bibles or speeches, is always, proving the contrary, based on facts, because it uses LIFE as its witness.”

205 – “The Messenger Angel, talking in a circle of friends and workmates, said that it is easier to convince a donkey in matters of WISDOM than convince a religionist in matters of TRUTH; right or wrong, someone suggested that this occurs because the donkey does not possess the resources of the pocket, stomach, sex, pride and selfishness.”

206 – “The deeper the Doctrine, the more its most ignorant followers deem themselves to be the most competent heralds, while the really capable ones withdraw to their social insignificance, trying to give worthy fruits by example.”

207 – “Jesus said many times that what is impossible for men is possible for God: but pretentious men that multiply so much in religionisms, think that what they cannot do, even less can God.”

208 – “Some day, a Messenger Angel will have to command the burning of all Bibles of Humanity so that others are written, closer to the SPIRIT and TRUTH. And men will see then that very little will remain of the ancient Bibles, as useful elements. But the Revelation, which is the WORD OF GOD, will never depend on any Bibles.”

209 – “Rancidity and rust also do; how would the owners of religions feed themselves without their favorite dainty dishes?”

210 – “Thousands and thousands of children of God, who sell their salvation trifles to their fellow-man, know what they do because if they had to buy such trifles, they would not want them even if they were paid. If all the incarnate could hear the clamor that arises from the abysses of the sub-crust and umbrageous bands that surround the Planet, they would be well aware of it, starting to believe more in TRUTH, LOVE AND VIRTUE.”

211 – “When SCIENCE grows, ignoring or denying the importance of MORAL, it is the same as when the reins are torn and the knight becomes less than the horse. And, for this to happen, it is enough to call the REVELATION a thing of Beelzebub, precisely what the Beast of Apocalypse has done, since it rose over the city of seven mounts. To grow in LOVE is to advance to ABSOLUTE SCIENCE.”

212 – “It is has already been said in THE SPIRITISTS’ BIBLE that nobody, with a sane conscience, would ever ask IGNORANCE what to do with WISDOM. Each one must be cautious to be in sane conscience because the DIVINE JUSTICE gives time but at the right time requests rigorous accounts.”

213 – “Kardec was very well reminded that he should come back in another body, to finish the task of restoring the Path of God; thank God, nobody told him that, on that occasion, he would have to ask the supposed owners of Spiritism about how he should act to perform his duties.”

214 – “An ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM has been acting since Humanity on Earth started developing mentally; although, formally, it is part of the “isms”, which swarm the History of Humanity, in ESSENCE it is above all of this. And he who utters blasphemy against the Sacred Minister of Revelation will be very unhappy, in any time and place, because he will be the culprit of the ABSOLUTE TRIAL, in order to pay until the last farthing. THE IMMORTAL CODE testifies the ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM and vice-versa.”

215 – “Study the life of the ten major important figures in the History of Initiations; see how the REVELATION worked with them and to them, so that they could carry out the due tasks. It was referring to it that this was said: WORD OF GOD!”

216 – “The sectarian and exclusivist fanaticisms come from sectarian and exclusivist men, and the ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM or the DOCTRINE OF TRUTH have nothing to do with them. And this is proven by the same SERVANTS OF TRUTH who take part in the gigantic work that aims at forever implementing on Earth the DOCTRINE, that is grounded on Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue. And he who, to his misfortune, comes up against the FIVE SENSES of the doctrinal truth, will also have to, to his misfortune, put forth painful efforts to recover.”

217 – “He who understands nothing of TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE will in vain wait for the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or millionth Revelations. How long will some children of God wait to become aware that the GREAT AND TOTAL REVELATION is the one that should be made in each one’s inward?”

218 – “While the incarnates provide mental failures, the lower disincarnate planes will also provide their goods; and then adventurers and cheats, sharpers and pasticcio makers will appear, impregnating the minds with their silly thoughts, mush, pink literature, exposing all of this as if it were the end of the ALL WISDOM.”

219 – “In view of LIFE everyone is an actor representing his role in the drama of Evolution; as Christ said, many are those who are fooled, insisting on percolating a mosquito to later swallow a camel. However, if nobody were so willing to give orders to others and to pretend, even swallowing fat camels, they would be worthy of mercy.”

220 – “There is a book that could be called KARMIC REGISTER, book on which everyone should meditate deeply; reading just a few pages, anyone would comprehend that it is always better to care for their own deeds than to make long speeches to teach doctrine to others.”

221 – “A certain writer and preacher gave his inflamed speech, using gongoristic prolixity, appealing to GOD’S WISDOM, only to please his own pride. Near him were some spirits, still small in Evolution, but benign, who deplored their vain brother for not having at least a little critical sense so as not to invoke the HOLY NAME.”

222 – “What is of God does not depend on Its children, and what depends on the children of God, they will have to do, sooner or later. And for this reason no Planetary Christ carries on his shoulders the obligation of taking care of the spirits that are on probation on the ground, in waters and air, in the core of the Evolving Process. It is no favor recognizing that some people should order and others should be ordered, for the GENERAL LAW to be able to reward every one for the performance of their roles. And if someone fails, he may be sure that DIVINE JUSTICE will make him answer for it, with or without the intervention of the Planetary Christs. That is it, and nobody should consider himself respected for the adulations or ceremonies in which credit is deposited.”

223 – “The IMPERSONAL character of TRUTH must be recognized, because it does not interfere with the conditions and situations of the spirits; it is the TREE OF LIFE that provides the fruit, from top to bottom, always keeping the differentiation among the tree, the fruits and those who will pluck them to apply well or badly, according to their efforts. The Doctrine will teach, but the LAW OF KARMA will never allow that some have the merits of others. That is why, above healing or not, being able to do good or not, the duty of teaching the Doctrine of Truth is fulfilled, so that the direct responsible can make movements to modify the MENTAL FIELD and, then, other changes derive from it. Their consequences will reach the energy crowns, then the elements forming the perispirit and then the gaseous, vaporous, liquid and solid elements of the physical body.”

224 – “THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST is the preferred book of those who are prone to sow GOOD and GOODNESS among their brothers, be they incarnate or disincarnate; this is the link between the High Mentors, their rescuer legions and incarnate workers. Those who will read it with their hearts open will receive a Grace!”

225 – “He who throws stumbling blocks on the path of TRUTH, will certainly have to return with his feet bleeding, as a consequence of his bad sowing.”

226 – “Throughout the millenniums the following will continue: EVERYBODY WILL BE CALLED, BUT NOT EVERYBODY WILL BE CHOSEN. IN TRUTH, the chosen ones will be those who have chosen themselves by their deeds. The Divine Father has placed an accurate scale, an indicator of responsibility, in each of Its child. Nobody should trust in religiousisms and sectarianisms because the DIVINE JUSTICE is above tricks and maneuvers.”

227 – “THREE ETERNAL POWERS: the Sacred Principle, the Planetary Christs, and the Divine Messengery. They represent the ORIGIN, DIRECTION and ILLUSTRATION, owing nothing to human sectarianisms.”

228 – “The fanatic sectarians will be the enemies and executioners of the SUBLIME DOCTRINE. As in Jesus Christ’s day and the coming millenniums, the executioners of TRUTH will always be those who will proclaim that they are its owners.”

229 – “As the solid ground emerged from the condensed energies, to the energies it will return, but in glories and splendors, hauling those who reveal worthy of accompanying the progressive walk.”

230 – “It is very easy to be with the transitory little truths, those that for the moment take an ordinary course or live in the mouth of the fools and exploiters of the moment; but it is not easy to be with those FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS, which today seem very strong and tomorrow will prove to be Eternal, Perfect and Immutable.”

231 – “When Elijah was about to start the work of CONSOLIDATION OF RESTORATION, he was told: “Go and complete the work, respecting just two authorities which are: THE LAW OF GOD AND THE DIVINE EXAMPLE OF JESUS CHRIST.”

232 – “No one should forget this reality, which is from God: TRUTH IS THE KEY THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DELIVERED TO ONE MAN BUT TO ALL CHILDREN OF GOD!”

233 – “We are brothers of our brothers, we are disciples of our masters, but what really matters is that we are children and extensions of God. The Christs and Holy Angels are relative authorities, while God is the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY that grants all a right that will never be shared. That is why, with regard to LAW and JUSTICE, everybody obeys and only God really commands.”

234 – “The man who sows today meaning to harvest tomorrow is prudent; however, much more prudent is the man who sows today to harvest eternally. This crop, you must understand, is the DO-GOOD and not the practice of religionist ritualism or salaams. Illusion is for men, not for God!”

235 – “Temples, religionist clothes and ritualism have always covered the most tenebrous intentions; those who happen to know Moral Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue, or the spirit of the LAW and CHRIST, should never take such a tenebrous path!”

236 – “Practice your WORSHIP every day, doing GOOD to some brother, remembering that the Divine Father put him in your way.”

237 – “Moses received the LAW through angels or spirits, and CHRIST had angels or spirits, ascending and descending upon Him. After respecting the illustrative service of REVELATION, one should work for the EDIFICATION. No one will reach the Christi Grade just by KNOWING.”

238 – “Nobody will ever pass over the Law; therefore, everybody must be responsible for their own deeds but we must remember that the DO-GOOD is a kind of commutation of the punishment, a way of softening the KARMA, quite commonly accepted by DIVINE JUSTICE.”

239 – “It is not enough for the sinner to be penitent; he must take control of GOOD WORK to carry out PURGATION and EDIFICATION!”

240 – “He who has come so far after the ancient and remote INITIATIONS, should, from now on, think with his own mind. The informative elements have been given and the work of EDIFICATION will never come through the others, because the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN will never come from outside. Initiation does not mean REALIZATION!”

241 – The number THREE always appeared in the INITIATIONS as a symbol of Divine Wisdom; even initiated wise men say that they do not know why; but TRUTH, LOVE AND VIRTUE, or the FATHER, CHRIST and the MINISTER OF REVELATION is self-explanatory. However, the ESSENTIAL TRUTH is not symbolic.”

242 – “The TRUTH is the GOSPEL OF ETERNITY, which has never pertained to individuals or groups of individuals, but to ITSELF, so as to belong to all children of God. No one has outside, more than he has inside!”

243 – “The TRUTH is not symbolic, enigmatic, idolatrous, deceptive, mercenary, sectarian or slave of human collusions.”

244 – “The TRUTH is not subject to religiousisms, concepts and prejudice, subaltern interests, human prestige, and other maneuvers that can be confessed or not. He who does not esteem the GOOD FACTS will never be with the TRUTH THAT SETS FREE!”

245 – “The TRUTH does not need pills and bottled little theories to be what it is, how it is and for what it is.”

246 – “THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, which belongs to God, engenders, sustains and determines all, being above everything and everybody.”

247 – “THE RELATIVE TRUTH, which is the EMANATION, expands to the infinite, but is subject to laws, and, for the spirits, the greatest of them is the MORAL LAW.”

248 – “TRUTH will make all sectarianisms and religiousisms disappear, to adjust the children of God to the freeing truth, away from all vile interests, which have so much divided the same children of God.”

249 – “The TRUTH teaches that in principle everything is simple, and the complexities of the EMANATION are reduced to simplicity when the children of God understand the ONLY ONE LAW that governs everything. But TRUTH is not a matter of words!”

250 – “THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH wants, from each of Its children, compliance with this fundamental duty: LISTEN TO IT ETERNALLY IN THE TEMPLE OF CONSCIENCE. Because he who, in himself, has realized the UNITY, in no time and in no place will appeal to discord; he has passed to the category of DIVINE VERBS, and without being the ALL, it is from the ALL the word and conscious manifestation, eternally inviting His brothers to rise up to the same condition.”

251 – “Face the ESSENTIAL TRUTH as a FACT and not as a mystery if you really want to reach the best conception of the relative truths. He who produces facts does not create illusions or mysteries, and affirming them does not embarrass anybody, provided that he is simple and humble and does not want to be and is not in fact a pretender.”

252 – “When a man speaks, try to discover whether he really thinks about the TRUTH, or if he is only trying to show his sectarian beliefs, which impels him to ridiculous, more than to the divine inner realizations, which would slowly conduct him to the state of ONE WITH THE FATHER.”

253 – “DOES THE MAJOR LIFE drive forward the relative or minor life? No! THE ABSOLUTE LIFE wishes to be reached by its emanations; and nobody will ever be able to explain the STATE OF ONE, unless they have reached it. Therefore, nobody should wait for Initiates or Christ, to make this revelation. He has already said, definitively, that each one should take the cross of evolutionary duties to get there.”

254 – “When Pythagoras stated that what lead to God is the TRUTH, the GOOD and the BEAUTY, he professed his wisdom against the creators of little churches and sectarian groupings. And CHRIST, the Model of the FIVE TESTIMONIES, gave the world His greatest signal of disapproval for all the slaves of little tables invented by man, by being persecuted, whipped, and crucified by religionists. Nobody should confuse DOCTRINE with men and their institutions”

255 – “Everything that exceeds human understanding, especially the understanding of the religionist merchants, is classified as MYSTERY, because they do not want to be called ignorant let alone losing their clients and their authority.”

256 – “Admitting our ignorance before the ABSOLUTE TRUTH is not a shame nor a crime; what is a shame, a crime or much more is behaving badly, is producing our and our fellow-men’s delay, trying to safeguard prides and vanities.”

257 – “MYSTERY has already been used as an excuse for all types of ignorance, has already sponsored all types of exploitation, has already justified all manners of inquisition, and will exalt human imbecility for many, many centuries.”

258 – “If not knowing the ABSOLUTE TRUTH is enough to justify the idea of MYSTERY, it does not justify the right that some have to exploit others. Everybody should be equal before the IGNORED TRUTH so that some rascals do not transform this argument into the right to sell lies to the fools.”

259 – “Remember that the God of the TRUTH, LOVE and JUSTICE shall never allow ITS child not to be what he really is, to be in some place, somehow, and doing something. Meditate on this reality and you will see that, although the TOTAL TRUTH escapes you, in ITS ESSENCE, in the field of manifestations, IT embraces you with all the strength of its INFINITE REALITY.”

260 – “The SENSES OF THE DIVINE FATHER are sleeping in ITS children who are still in Evolving Process. Evolution shall make them manifested, vibrant and penetrating; and nobody will be able to conceive them before reaching this condition. To those who are equal, there is no need to say anything; and to those who are not, it is no use saying it. Although TRUTH can be very deep, it is neither enigmatic nor mysterious, and the children of God must always be ready for progress, because they will get to know it slowly and more slowly to use it. The Sacred Purpose of life is not to remain forever ignorant, confused and full of doubts, this thing the religious exploiters take advantage of. The spirit is no illusion or semblance, it is a reality that derives from the DIVINE REALITY, and, therefore, it should make of its life a program of trust in it and its works.”

261 – “Everything on the relative plane has INTERIOR and EXTERIOR, HEARTWOOD and BARK; and, with regard to Spiritism, it could not be different; nobody should want to be only BARK or to be with the ones with thick barks. And, if he acts like this, he will certainly be digging the abysm where he shall have to grieve his carelessness.”

262 – “Is one’s greatest responsibility to be a particle of God, manifested? Then we must consider that, if they fail at this, all other obligations will have failures as a consequence. How will he, who cannot correspond to the necessary, be able to correspond to the uncertain?”

263 – “If someone had to breathe the necessary air based on his calculations, he would certainly die after birth. It means that the PHYSIOLOGICAL DETERMINISM is a fact. This also occurs with the spirit, because the UNION with the DIVINE ESSENCE has never depended on human reasoning or conceptions. Discovering and living such a simple reality is destroying all abominable enigmaticism, a plague that has so much favored religionist exploitations.”

264 – “All genders may be used in a PURE state and may be FORGED, forgeries always interest merchants and those who are immoral; and the worst of all immoralities is the religious one, in any way or excuse.”

265 – “The first step that CHRIST took to flee and to teach how to flee from religious immoralities was to abandon the temple and its exploiters, or those who he called sepulchers whitewashed on the outside and rotten inside, etc. And the fight continues between the two factions…False tolerances impede the victory of CHRIST and Humanity… And the most repugnant of the false tolerances is the one that individuals cultivate for themselves, living divided between the TRUTH and the lie. The Father wants CONSCIOUS children, not just morbid believers!”

266 – “When an INDIVIDUAL CONSCIENCE is really manifested, it never allows swindling or immoralities. However, the one that cannot fight the great internal fight lives subject to idolatry and errors. Spiritism indicates the way, but it does not walk for anyone… Each one should take their cross and walk towards the TRUTH. To teach is the duty of the DOCTRINE, but to accomplish is the duty of each child of God!”

267 – “He who bows down before dressed up men and woods and stones; or any type of idolatry, proves that SPIRITUALLY he is not able to keep erect. Child of the ALMIGHTY, try to be a friend of the inward verticality!”

268 – “And the Lord said in the meeting that the RESTORATION of the Consoler, or of the Spirit spread over the flesh, has the purpose of populating the Earth with prophets, so that the KNOWLEDGE forces Humanity to go towards the way that frees. However, while individuals are wrong, how can Humanity be right?”

269 – “It has already been said that the worst lie is the one imposed in the name of the TRUTH; therefore, those who use mediumnism or propheticism badly should be on the alert. The DIVINE JUSTICE considers the level of peoples’ knowledge, but does not accept excuses, because those who arrive with excuses cannot allege ignorance. Excuses are confessions of guilt!”

270 – “Do not expect the clarifications made in these items to serve to you after disincarnating; they have not been transmitted for this purpose; be an intelligent child of God, sensible and free, friend of the TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, because FREEDOM will never come through the ravines of sectarianism that the world offers. Learn and live, now, because you are ETERNAL!”

271 – “SIMPLICITY is not this stupid and repulsive thing that involves some creatures that pretend to be AUSTERE, but are really inferior or mediocre; SIMPLICITY is above places and time, means and purposes, because it is not malicious, it does not want to appear an authority neither does it plan to increase occasional positions. SIMPLICITY should be learned with CHRIST, who did not bow down before the most important persons in the world and who, even in crucifixion, was conscious and divinely imperative.”

272 – “Out of VERTICAL LOVE, even GOODNESS becomes oppressive, being a shame for those who need it; also the horizontal or human loves, when out of MORAL, arouse discord and send their cultivators to the plane of darkness. He who is intelligent must supervise his deeds and the way they are applied.”

273 – “Jesus symbolized the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, which is inside everyone and should be blossomed, as a mustard seed that grows, it grows so much that it comes to have the use that the parable presents. Do not forget to consider the very many evolving stages; do not intend to be what you are not yet, to avoid being frequently playing a ridiculous role.”

274 – “Men make so many religionist affirmations, that they have forgotten to perform decent acts, those which in fact magnify the children of God; and, this deviation is so great, that a fire flood will be necessary to bring them back to common sense. Oh, that the disciples of the Generalized Consoler know how to lead the people of future ages so that this does not happen again.”

275 – “Blunderbusses who consider themselves philosophers criticize Zoroaster for having created the concepts of GOOD and EVIL, alleging that these do not exist, that there is no dualism in God. On the other hand, they assert that God is INEFFABLE or UNDEFINABLE, in order to declare that It is above cogitation or parallels; and they dislike being mistreated, but they like being celebrated. He who wants to know how to ponder GOOD and EVIL should ask himself about GOOD and BAD.”

276 – “They criticize the BHUDDAS, saying that they were not DIVINISTS; this, for what the last Great Buddha did, as he summarized all those who came before him; this is because men continue divided - some want God to be square, others want It to be round, etc. Additionally, every time someone from the opposing group speaks, it is to be against!... Spiritism is above all this, because it knows that UNITY is yet to be attained; therefore, it regards those who have already arrived, those who are now, and those who will come, as mere workers in their respective work shifts.”

277 – “Whoever is truly a worker of the TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, remembers and considers those who previously sowed so that others could reap … Even CHRIST, Model of the FIVE WITNESSES, spoke about this.”

278 – “On the carnal plane it is impossible to speak about everything, about the entire TRUTH that rules in the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent DIVINE ESSENCE. Consequently, no matter who comes, he will speak about truth and not about truths … And observe that the TEN GREATEST who passed through the flesh, leaving DOCTRINAL MATRIXES, were distinct in many points or did and said different things. This is because TRUTH, in its entirety, does not at all fit here yet.”

279 – “Even if the Buddhas, the Vedas, the Zoroasters, the Hermes, the Patriarchs, the Moseses, and the Prophets had come to the flesh more times, it is grateful to think about those personalities for recognizing that the work field, in those days, was more brutal, rough, and dangerous. We should also point out that they themselves have contributed toward modern information… Truly, what would be of the latter-time workers without the concourse of the early-time workers? The Process of Evolution contains a SYNTHESIS, whether they want it or not!”

280 – “If the Christi Grade is omnipresent, and therefore awaits all men, universally, there is one individual Prudent and Faithful Provider who waits for all with open arms, in that place called Eighth Heaven. Since transmitting information has nothing to do with performing magic and making CHRISTS, we predict that none will deviate from the SAFE ROUTE in order to arrive there in the shortest time possible. Nevertheless, since dangers surround man, whoever does sidetrack should seek to return to the PATH OF THE LORD.”

281 – “For the TRUTH there are neither “PAST-ISMS” nor “FUTURE-ISMS”; what it desires from all is the inward service of VIBRATIONAL UNITY. As to RELATIVE TRUTHS, infinity will always be their pure and simple characteristic. Those who are more evolved will find on the foundations, on the bases of all mutations, the SINGLE LAW that presides over everything. Unfortunate is the man who lives only for the exterior aspects of the TRUTH!”

282 – “PERIPHERAL MAN is the one who is always distant from the best … And thinks this is humbleness…

He speaks of God, of Truth, of Christ, of the High Mentors, but only to place them far away, at a distance, impossible!”

283 – “The Pure Mind produces the great deeds… The penitent sinner attracts friendly and helping arms… Mary Magdalene had a light that shone in a hidden place, and Christ discovered it… The penitent sinner proclaimed to the world, and continues to do so, about the Resurrection of all spirits…”

284 – “When Mary, soon after disincarnating, saw the Anointed Son made entirely into DIVINE LIGHT and surrounded by scintillating multitudes, she exclaimed: “I WILL PRAY FOR YOU, OH MARTYR - MAKERS OF MEN, BECAUSE, ACTUALLY, YOU ARE REALLY UNCONSCIOUS!”

285 – “The live head of John the Baptist did not convert Mary Salome; however, his dead head had the magic power to make her penitent and devoted to the PATH OF THE LORD. She is one of the gracious servants of TRUTH and GOOD. What a beautiful example!”

286 – “No wolf is more dangerous than the one that disguises itself as a lamb; even EVIL, when it is spontaneous, has an element of tolerability; but false friendship, this type that so much prevails among religionists, what does it have that is good?”

287 – “If things had been limited to those who decapitated Baptist, crucified Christ and excoriated Their followers, the harm done wouldn’t have been so great; the tragedy started when worse torturers began using Their respective names, with adulations and kow-tow for purposes of doctrinal corruption. As ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM does not suffer from any kind of dogmatism, may no man intend to impose such a great harshness, under any pretenses.”

288 – “Can anyone guarantee that FORMAL SPIRITISM will not suffer from vaticanisms and papisms?”

289 – “Do not be a fool to examine the steps of the one who makes long and pompous speeches; if he is a liar, very soon he shall reveal what he is, and inversely if he is an apostle of TRUTH.”

290 – “The one who is with Christ is equal to multitudes; it could not be any different since the TRUTH is a question of quality, not quantity.”

291 – “Whoever does not side with Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom, and Virtue, will not side with the Law of God or with Christ. And no one should intend to disguise such reality in order to deceive and be deceived, because the price paid will be higher.”

292 – “It was to the religionists that Jesus told that parable that says that it is better to reach disincarnation lame or blind, than physically perfect and a soul overburdened with ignorance and crime. The TRUTH has never recommended any labels.”

293 – “Seers may see a brilliant dove, that symbolizes the Divine Messenger or Consoler; but even this should be left behind so that everything might be real and simply known and cultivated.”

294 – “Some High Mentors have also presented themselves with wings to indicate the Divine Messenger; but the TRUTH THAT SETS FREEE is not on its wings, but in its virtues.”

295 – “In the course of time, the ACTIVE faculties will take the place of the PASSIVE ones.”

296 – “Evolution requires conscious interpenetration of both planes.”

297 – “No one can truly be an enemy of the TRUTH.”

298 – “No one can truly blaspheme against God.”

299 – “Do not allow the TRUTH to delay its fully revelation.”

300 – “Truly place the light over the land of Humanity.”

301 – “Fortunate is the Humanity that no longer needs to make martyrs of missionaries of Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue; it is a sign that it has overcome fanatic and exploiting religionists, sectarian and a hindrance to human evolution. When will the Earth be a Christified world like this?”

302 – “The Happiness of those who do everything in the name of God is doubtful; but the Happiness of those who do everything according to the LAW and JUSTICE of God is absolutely guaranteed. For God, appearances and lures never prevail.”

303 – “When PURITY and WISDOM frame the spirit, it hovers above religiousisms, superstitions, simulations, and pagan commerce practiced in the name of God and the Truth; but when inferiority is what defines a position on the hierarchal scale, it leaves behind all that represents a service of God in Spirit and Truth and yields to compromising exteriorisms and sectarianisms. Idolaters are like lanterns that have been put out.”

304 – “The one who knows what a Doctrine anchored in Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom, and Virtue means also knows that it is capable of evolving to the infinite level, facilitating movements, conditions, and situations in abundance for all progressive effects. Spiritism, therefore, is self-sufficient in all respects.”

305 – “Jesus spoke of DOCTRINE and not of CHURCH; DOCTRINE belongs to God and CHURCH belongs to men, because it means a human grouping. Woe to him who is a traitor to DOCTRINE, in order to endorse WHATEVER CHURCHES, under any pretense!”

306 – “Listen to EXTERNAL WARNINGS, but work for INTERNAL REALITIES. Everyone should warn, it is a must to do so, but the most important thing is the inner edification by self-effort.”

307 – “The cross has become a symbol of the need for self-sacrifice; what was the religionist simulation or liturgical maneuvering that Jesus made use of to deny it, refute it, or betray it? Nevertheless, pagan formulism has taken the place of intellectual-moral duties, and Christianism has been transformed into a catch-all of appearances and a pool of shameful and even bloody mercenarism.”

308 – “As long as parents teach their children to look back in order to remind them of political-mercenary religiousisms, Humanity will remain at the hands of backwardness and unbalances, furnishing elements for the planes of darkness and for painful reincarnations.”

309 – “Mediumship is the door that opens to all sides of the spiritual sphere; it would be better if no one opened it in certain directions …”

310 – “’You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High”’ is written in chapter eighty-two in the book of Psalms. But instead of cultivating PURITY and WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and GGODNESS in order to some day abandon the flesh full of Light and Glories, the earthlings leave it burdened with idolatrous baubles, a weight that will send them to places of torment.”

311 – “The beginning and the end of DOCTRINAL TRUTH is this: the Law of God does not command one to have any religion in any form, whether formulistic or formalistic; the Model Christ was persecuted, arrested, vilely judged, and crucified by religionists. Therefore, may the good children of God be familiar with TRUTH, LOVE, and VIRTUE in their social deeds, so that the Revelation might guide them towards the Inner Heaven.”

312 – “THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST is the book about future ages because it marks de beginning of a different phase in the order of mediumistic interchanges; everything is a question of evolving, and for this to happen one needs to know more and better. No one can measure now what he will do in future millennia and until the evolutionary consummation of earthly Humanity.”

313 – “Just as the spirit delves into material worlds in order to then awaken, gain WISDOM and PURITY and free oneself in the CHRISTI PLENITUDE, in the same way solid worlds are formed, live, progress, and return to the state of resplendent energy, furnishing inconceivable elements and means of GLORY to the freed spirits.”

314 – “Those who know life in the Christi Heaven can not reveal it to those who do not know it; and those who know nothing except what goes on in the rough world of terrestrial matter, is not able to understand it, no matter how much is said to them. Therefore, in order to savor HEAVENLY DELICACIES, one needs to truly deserve it.”

315 – “After all that has been said as ESSENTIAL REVELATION, above all the formalities organized by men, all we can say is that carnal life is a journey made in the hub of a coarse instrument so that, with it, one may gain the right to live in celestial freedom. Those who consider incarnation in this manner have every reason to work, relinquish, and do GOOD, moving towards SUPREME GLORY; but oh how many snares the one who ignores this may fall into!”

316 – “Never a spirit, whoever it may be, will be able to know the CHRISTI GLORY, once it is incarnate. Transfigurations are very easy, but are relative to the environment and nothing more, having no way of demonstrating the senses, the extensions of SPIRITUAL PLENITUDE.”

317 – “DIVINE UBIQUITY, this VIRTUE OF GOD that the spirits approaching the CHRISTI PLENITUDE come to participate in, may never be able to count on a good explanation of the spirits. For now, all we can say is that there are realities that cannot be explained.”

318 – “Beyond Seventh Heaven, regarding Planet Earth, is where FREEDOM can reach its plenitude; and, who can ever measure it according to human measurements? Who is capable of participating in the INFINITY and ETERNITY without having the slightest idea of what it is like? Because ALL INFINITY reveals itself in the spirit, and makes it ITS participant without explaining how!”

319 – “It is not now the time to understand the YOU ARE GODS, but rather on that day; for now, make a point of bearing this in mind, living PURITY and WISDOM in the best manner possible. From one stage to the other, all will arrive, but it is important to accelerate the arrival. The prize fully compensates any sacrifice made.”

320 – “We have informed a lot over a period of more than two hundred and forty thousand years of CONSECUTIVE REVELATIONS, throughout ages and cycles. You have asked the exterior and others many things, but the Divine Messengery now says that you should ask yourself the questions, because you have already attained the proper age. The Divine Father is at the heart of all things and all people, and it is normal that It should expect, the DIVINE CONCERT, on the part of Its children. This is why we have warned you… From now on, search the VOICE OF THE LORD GOD, which is universal, and not only the voice of your discarnate brothers, the messenger angels of all times. No doubt, evolution imposes more intense interchanges between the two planes of LIFE; but the essential is the MENTAL COMMUNION WITH THE DIVINE FATHER. The one who places himself above any and every exteriority, aside from any sectarian modality, free from all the divisive influences of the world, this one will cause in himself the SERVICE OF UNITY and will live in Spirit and TRUTH. This is how the Divine Father is and this is how It wants Its children to become. Whoever can become this, so be it, and go on to DIVINE UNITY!”

321 – “In God ESSENCE and REALITY prevail, never appearances and simulations. However, men, who are devious and feigned, wildly coveting control and heraldic regalia, invented rituals and counterfeit garbs, gestures that seemed to be of praises to God, and filled the world with aberrations, delays and inquisitions, repugnant maneuvers and fraudulent infiltrations in public administration and in the intimate life of those who toil arduously in order to live. When will this no longer oppress earthly Humanity?”

322 – “Before nebulae and physical worlds is the infinite magnetic ocean; but, before all of this, which can be subdivided into infinitesimal scales, is the EMANATOR SPIRIT or GOD. The most blessed, therefore, is the one who, by his intensified or evolved MIND, in his intimacy comes into contact with the EMANATOR PRINCIPLE extracting thereof powers, energies, and forces such that no one in the flesh can totally appreciate. Praying is not merely repeating words and phrases; it is being in tune to the Divine Father and to Its angels or messenger spirits.”

323 – “Remember that the Masters of Doctrine, the Holy Spirits, first inform you sufficiently to only then give you over to your own conscience and deliberations, with the purpose of assessing your acquired learning and forces. Strive to live up to their expectations, because they watch you from afar as true Guardian Angels who celebrate with your good fortunes or suffer with your misfortunes.”

324 – “A Divine Model was presented; He carried the cross on which He was to be crucified; but He did not complain at all, and gave Himself up as if He were a mere sinner or criminal. Strive, therefore, to understand the Earth as an immensely inferior world, where the great spirits must sow UNDERSTANDING, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, and RENUNCIATION. False pagan adoration and exploitation will only prolong ignorance and perversity. “

325 – “When there is no LIGHT in the INNER TEMPLE, there is no GOODNESS in the person’s acts, and consequently, the Law and Justice of God will not be with him. And in this case, without seeking WISDOM, PURITY, and GOOD and GOODNESS, what good will it do to resort to idolatrous maneuvers?”

326 – “The vice of idolatry will be the last one to be vanquished by the spirit in order to balance with the celestial sphere of the Christi Plenitude! Once the VIBRATORY UNITY with the OMNIPRESENT EMANATOR is established, everything else is a question of working on the dominions of GOOD and GOODNESS, cooperating with IT in Its ETERNAL, PERFECT, and IMMUTABLE WORK.”

327 – “The spontaneous or pure error of intentions should be merely admonished; but the intentional error should be punished. At the least, it should be thrown against the dust of one’s sandals, as Jesus Christ taught. Aside from this, the act of endorsement prevails, and is criminal, even when disguised as GESTURE OF TOLERANCE.”

328 – “To talk about CHRIST is easy, but to imitate CHRIST is for those who do not fear crucifixion. One needs to have the courage to KNOW, FEEL, SAY, and DO what should be done, no matter the cost.”

329 – “If all men saw, in the mercenaries of religion, what they carry under their feigned garb and formulistic gestures, certainly TRUTH, LOVE, and VIRTUE would quickly triumph. Sadly, appearances live on the outside and sorrowful realities hide in the inward. Nevertheless, from DIVINE JUSTICE no one shall ever flee, because before it titles and parameters will be undone.”

330 – “Never forget to knock at the DOORS OF HEAVEN in order to obtain from Heaven the desired Favors; but never forget to knock at the doors of your inner self, in order to know how to apply them. The man who does not know how to share with his brothers never learned how to obtain from God. As the Father is not usurious, neither should Its children!”

331 – “The spirits that are spending time in lower realms do not use pagan idolatries and mercenarism; the High Spirits, Filters of the Creator, do not use them at all either; however, those who travel throughout the lower human worlds commit grave errors of superstition and the most compromising acts of simulation.”

332 – “Summary of the Sublime Doctrine: GOD IS SPIRIT AND TRUTH AND THIS IS HOW IT WISHES ITS CHILDREN TO BECOME. Meditate, child of God, and you will find in this short sentence all WISDOM and all PURITY. Nonetheless, remember that the one who is in the phase of discussions is not in the phase of great accomplishments. Give it some time and favor conditions if you really want to help in the progress.”

333 – “Men may present costumes, rituals, and scapulars, feigned clothing and thousands of religionist simulations, and with this they may delude other men, being considered authorities on things of the spirit; but they will never be able to hide their own HEARTS and their own BRAINS from GOD. And all formalisms and formulisms with which they have betrayed the Law of God and the Divine Example of the CHRIST shall one day fully fall in their CONSCIENCES so that they answer for the crimes committed.”

The one who presents himself before Divine Justice poor in formulistic resources and rich in GOOD DEEDS shall find joy in the Kingdoms of Light and of Glory. However, the one who presents himself full of religionist maneuvers and empty of GOOD DEEDS shall end up in those places of weeping and grinding of teeth.

In the spiritual world, at the withdrawal stations, this fact is recognized: people have been reading so many superficial works, mediocre short stories and narratives that thousands of spirits return in depressing conditions concerning spiritual pays. They have forgotten that the Law of God and the Model CHRIST constitute the Two Faithful Witnesses, above which no one will ever pass, and they become full of empty words and empty of essential deeds.

No one will answer to men or to human institutions and statutes; the one who rewards each one according to his DEEDS is God, only God! Be careful that no one deceives you, because God wants PURITY and WISDOM, not paganisms and idolatries!

Wisdom of the Infinity and Eternity is represented in four very simple words: GOD, TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE. What other words or readings could explain these with absolute rigor?


Between the Father and His children, the LAW OF HARMONY reigns moving Justice in order to reward each one according to their DEEDS.

Among brothers, LOVE rules, LOVE that confers PEACE and GOOD FORTUNE facilitating progress with fewer disturbances.

Among the different Planes of Life, the Revelation, the Ministry the Holy Spirit rules, that which carries out the task of warning, illustrating, and comforting. The Revelation functions in the worlds and inter-worlds, and woe is the man who blasphemes against it!

May no one invent MODES OF BELIEVING because this is abominable before God whose laws are ETERNAL, PERFECT and IMMUTABLE, being self-sufficient with no need of human advocacy or patronizing.

Matter should be used with due respect, but never adored; the spirit that adores Matter commits an abominable act because it dishonors itself as a spirit, as a superior being that was made by God.

The child should do his part because God Itself is in charge of God’s part that is above all human cogitations.

ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM will never be a pile of pills or neatly packaged theories; unfortunately, little groups of bosses who will rise up believing to be judges and controllers of their brothers, will fabricate such trifles.

GOD, TRUTH, LOVE, VIRTUE. These four words define ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM. What books and what men define them to the infinite?

That child of God who has understood that Spiritism is the School of TRUTH, LOVE, and VIRTUE will never become a slave of human institutions or statutes. With this, he has taken on a tremendous responsibility, because the person who can know and feel more before God will have to bear worthy fruits by example before the world.

Additionally, remember, child of God, that disincarnating is, to a greater or smaller degree, for all those who are subject to disincarnate, a box of surprises. Therefore, practice what is GOOD so that these surprises are favorable to you. This is what we desire.”

The one who presents himself before Divine Justice poor in formulistic resources and rich in GOOD DEEDS will find joy in the Kingdoms of Light and of Glory. However, the one who presents himself full of pietist maneuvers and empty of GOOD DEEDS will end up in those places full of wailing and grinding of teeth.

In the spiritual world, at the exit, this fact is recognized: people have been reading so many superficial works, mediocre short stories and narratives, that thousands of spirits return in depressing conditions to their spiritual birthplaces. They have forgotten that the Law of God and the CHRIST Model constitute the Two Faithful Witnesses, above which no one will ever pass, and they become full of empty words and empty of essential deeds.

No one will answer to men or to human institutions and statutes; the one who rewards each one according to his DEEDS is God, only God! Be careful that no one deceives you, because God wants PURITY, WISDOM, not paganism, and idolatry!

Wisdom of the Infinite and of Eternity is represented in four very simple words: GOD, TRUTH, LOVE, and VIRTUE. What other words or readings could explain these with absolute rigor?


Between the Father and His children, the LAW OF HARMONY reigns moving Justice in order to reward each one according to his DEEDS.

Between brothers LOVE reigns, and confers PEACE and FORTUNE facilitating progress with fewer disturbances.

Between the different Planes of Life, Revelation reigns, the Ministry of the Holy Spirit who carries out the task of admonishing, illustrating, and comforting. Revelation functions in the worlds and inter-worlds, and woe to the man who blasphemes against her!

May no one invent MODES OF BELIEVING because this is abominable before God whose laws are ETERNAL, PERFECT, IMMUTABLE, and self-sufficient with no need of human advocacy or patronizing.

Matter should be used with due respect, but never adored; the spirit that adores Matter commits an abominable act because he dishonors himself as a spirit, as being superior to that created by God.

The son should do his part because God Himself will take care of God’s part that is above all human cogitations.

ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM will never be a pile of pills or neatly packaged theories; unfortunately, little groups of bosses who will rise up believing to be judges and controllers of their brothers, will fabricate such trifles.

GOD, TRUTH, LOVE, VIRTUE. These four words define ESSENTIAL SPIRITISM. What books and what men define them to the infinite level?

That son of God who came to understand that Spiritism is the School of TRUTH, LOVE, and VIRTUE will never become a slave of human institutions or statutes. With this, he has taken on a tremendous responsibility, because the person who can know and feel more before God will have to produce worthy fruit in like measure by his example before the world.

Additionally, remember, son of God, that disincarnating is, to a greater or smaller degree, for all those who are subject to disincarnate, a box full of surprises. Therefore, practice what is GOOD so that these surprises are favorable to you. This is what we desire.

POLIDORO, Osvaldo; Everlasting Gospel and Prodigious Prayers, pp 159 to 211.

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