Once the spirit has emanated from the Principle, or God, as a spark, everything else amounts to developing the Latent Divine Virtues, until going back to the Principle, or God, in Total Unity. This truth will never change, for all Infinity and Eternity.

True wisdom lies in the knowledge of the DIVINE UNITY, from which everything derives; since the laws of the Evolutional Plan and Purpose are connected to It by Origin, they also must be known. Once the spirit has the Primary Cause, or God, which gives the emanature, the elements of an individuated existence, movement, evolution and purpose, everything else is a matter of fine-tuning and natural good use of the fundamental and congenital virtues.

The basic rule of Hindu Wisdom is that there is only God, the Principle, which is the origin, the foundation and the destiny of all things. It is the Original Essence in Its Infinite Depth (for human concept), and It Itself is the Manifestation, Nature, etc. This is the Divine Monism, the Awareness of Unity, the truth at the root of Hermeticism, Orphism, Zoroastrianism, Pythagorism and, as an absolute and unique statement, it is the First Commandment of the Law of God, the wisest, the most scientific, eternal, perfect and immutable statement.

As in Essence, everything derives from the One Divine Essence, there are many testimonials to this truth, stated by the Great Initiates or Christs, and, for more intellectual and moral people, such knowledge has a profound meaning:

From Veda Vyasa: “By offering you Knowledge of the One Origin, of the One Movement and of the One Purpose, I offer you the One Path, the Right Path. He, who, for any reason or pretext, strays, shall have to return, suffering, to the Right Path, in order to, then, be able to achieve the One Purpose”.

From Krishna: “All lives or existences, all work and all suffering are for you to come back to Me, the One Lord, the Origin and the Purpose”.

From the Wisdom of Orpheus: “Know yourself and you shall know the universe and the gods.”

From the Wisdom of Hermes: “The truly wise man knows he has God within himself and does everything to unite with It”.

From the Wisdom of Hermes: “What is inside and outside, above and below, everything is one, because the Principle is only one”.

From Zoroaster: “There is only one Truth, and only through it shall you attain victory.”

From Pythagoras: “From the One everything derives, in the One everything moves and in the One everything reaches the purpose.”

From the Hindu Wisdom: “The Lord is in each one’s deep inward, but very few are aware of it. Those who come to know that, and make an effort to achieve the union, shall enjoy Its Eternal Glory”.

From the Hindu Wisdom: “He who seeks the Truth outside, shall certainly find it in the foundations of everything that exists; but he who seeks it within himself and becomes one with it, is truly wise”.

From Jesus: “The Kingdom of God is inside each one of you and it will not come from outside signs”.

From Jesus: “The Father is Spirit and Truth, and that is what It wishes Its children to be”.

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