The time for the envoys of the Ruling Plane to start the restoring work of the baptism of the Spirit would come. The reality of Pentecost, as an instrument of information, would return to be among men. The astral plane would have the means, through modern Apostles, to speak and instill the callings of the Lord in their retentive memory. The process of reunion, which was so well noted and cultivated by the faithful Apostles, would again be the cult of real christians.

Rome would have to realize, whether it liked it or not, its irrationality, its adultery and the wrongfulness of its acts. After subjecting kings and their people to its corrupt iron fist for centuries, as the Apocalypse says, in chapter thirteen, it would have to face the Baptism of the Spirit, the Revelation, and remind itself of the many mistakes made, as a forger of barbarous premises, as a promoter of the persecution of the Truth, as a producer of general ignorance and, above all, as a fosterer of incredulity.

After the great conclave of the fourteenth century, presided over by the Planetary Christ, came the reformers known as Wicliff, John Huss, Luther and Giordano Bruno; they would have to pave the way through dogmas, face the inquisition, give up their lives to get the freedom of cult and the translation of the Sacred Books, so that, when the time came, the chief mediumistic expansion could take place in the history of the Planet.

And in the highest heavens of Earth, in the ruling zones, programs were devised. That is why the world came to know Wicliff and John Huss, later, during the recesses of the truculent, persecuting and murdering dogmatism. They were now the new envoys, the great reformers. They started by the doctrinal reeducation, as is advisable for any cyclic renewal. They sowed these seeds in hostile land, as is well known, and had to put up with awful clerical reactions. Huss ended up being burnt in the fifteenth century.

The campaign of Truth against the mistakes continued. Luther brought more forces together against Vatican corruption in the sixteenth century. He could not but win, because the blessings of Truth, expressed by the Divine Master and his workers were with him. It was one more step towards the blossoming of mediumship, which, like Pentecost, had to be the crown of the educational work that had been conducted in the minds, as preparation. Everything was being prepared.

After Luther, there was another great reformer: Giordano Bruno. He acted in the heart of the Vatican and had to flee. Later, when he came back to Earth, he had to pay for keeping the Gospel with his own life. The inquisition threw him into the flames of fire. But the Truth moved forward.

Huss came back to life in the beginning of the nineteenth century for these preparations and brought with him the most exciting mediumistic event in history. He was yet one more symbol to mark a time of transition. What Huss did while incarnated as Kardec is widely known. In any case, Jesus’ prophecies about the restoration of Christianism were being fulfilled. And, these are the indispensable helpers, if we are focusing on the main characters, the synthesis figures. Each one of these figures was accompanied and followed by thousands of helpers of the Cause of Truth. From Kardec until now, any things have been said about the manifestation of the astral plane, significant doctrinal progress has been made.


That happened on June 5, 1910, under the name of Osvaldo Polidoro.

He wrote 116 books, one of which, THE BOOK OF ALL BOOKS – EVERLASTING GOSPEL AND PRODIGIOUS PRAYERS, is what God promised in the Apocalypse, chapter 14, verses 1 to 6.

If Elijah, now Osvaldo Polidoro, had not made this Divine Biblical-prophetic Documentary available to those who inhabit the Planet, incarnate and disincarnate, how many of you would be aware of these Divine Teachings?

Only those who wish to get lost do so after the light has been shown and abundantly offered.

The restoration is based on the fundamentals of the Doctrine of the Path, which is the Law to be lived, the Model Verb to be imitated and the Gift of Mediumship to be divinely cultivated.

In order to start the Messianic Work of restoration that God delivered through Moses and Jesus, Elijah gave us the Spiritism, which, obviously, is: THE DIVINE MORAL AND THE EDUCATIONAL AND CONSOLING MEDIUMSHIP.

Therefore, in terms of history and prohecies, Kardec goes back to Jesus, Jesus followed Moses, Moses followed the Patriarchs and they go, generally speaking, back to Enoch, who, in turn, goes all the way back to the Bhuddist-Vedist times, adding up to a total of over two hundred and forty thousand years. And if we were to talk about the intermediary figures, how many would we have to remember? However, we reiterate that, excluding the Unmistakable Christ, there were fewer than ten Great Revealers, and all others were very high up in the planetary hierarchy, but belonged to a lower category.

It is absurd to consider him a Different Revelation, separate from all other evolutional cycles or the Ancient Revelations, because it is the same Humanity, which has been moving up in the scale, although if we consider migratory factors and the Workers of the Field of the Lord, they have come, from time to time, in groups, to work for the movement of the doctrinal values. When a major one incarnates to fulfill an important task, it encourages legions to follow and they expand through humanity.

No Great Revealer, especially not the Unmistakable Christ, has ever meant to fabricate basic truths, they were simply revealers; and Jesus Christ, the Divine Example, was a representation of the General Synthesis. He lived the Law, Baptized in Revelation and set the definite example of the Final Resurrection of the spirit.

Understand forever, children of God, that the Truth, Justice and Power emanate from God, and Its children who are higher up in the hierarchy only carry out instructions. That is why the Model Verb said, on the cross, these exemplary words of obedience: “Father, everything is fulfilled”.

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