“PRAYER is a way of penetrating with the MIND the superior planes of LIFE in order to reap and then distribute, even after extracting from it great benefits. Whoever wishes to measure the importance of PRAYER should observe those who TRULY PRAY with the eyes of the spirit or outside the flesh. It is not a question of hypothesis. It is fact.

“To truly pray does not mean to PRAY in any manner; but to despise PRAYER, consider it pointless or dispensable, is something that no sensible man should do. Because the person who prays, and who prays with purity, becomes a filter of GOD.”
“Praying is getting in tune with the Sacred Principle in order to reap Divine Resources; prayer is getting in tune with the Divine Messenger in order to lavish God on your fellow man; prayer is irradiating mental forces, electromagnetism and ectoplasm in order to cure and stimulate, to experience patience, and elevate the soul. To pray is to produce wonders.”

Prodigious Prayers

Orações e Poesias Divinas (Osvaldo Polidoro) - download

WOMEN: Every day before going to bed, connect with the Great Mother Mary and Her Legions using the Prayer to Mary and the Prayer to Mary Magdalene. Pray for the unclothed, sick, and famished children of the world.

MEN: Every day before going to bed, connect with Dr. Bezerra de Menezes and the Medical Phalanxes, using the Prayer to Bezerra de Menezes. Pray for the sick, the hospitals, and those who need help.

FOR MEDICAL SUBJECTS: Pray the Prayer to the Sacred Principle and the Prayer to Bezerra de Menezes. Request help from God and from the spiritual physicians: Bezerra de Menezes, Osvaldo Cruz and Alberto Seabra. When dosing medications use fluidized water.

FOR MATERIAL OR TEMPORAL SUBJECTS (such as work, studies, cleaning environments, referral of suffering spirits, removal of negative adhesions, etc): Use the Prayer of the Old Black Men (preferably at noon), asking for help from God and from the spiritual guides: Nero, Mary Magdalene, and Mary Conga.

POLIDORO, Osvaldo; Everlasting Gospel and Prodigious Prayers, pp 138, 184, 230 to 267.
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