When the so-called Initiate Wisdom, or Science of the Mysteries, or Science of the Oracles, instructs men to know themselves so that then they get to know the Universe and the Gods, it instructs nothing but to acknowledge that everything emanates from ONE UNIQUE PRINCIPLE, and that IN IT everything moves and everything reaches the end.

When, thousands of years later, Jesus reaffirmed: ‘YOU ARE GODS’, he said nothing but the same truth. However, with the corruption of the Supreme Doctrine of the Path, these and other FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS have been forgotten, buried beneath the debris of all sorts of simulations and manipulations, highly damaging to the spiritual progress of people.

To say that all religions are good is the same as purposefully insult the TRUTH. No DIVINE OR FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH depends on human assumptions in order to be. The TRUTH is good and all religion fabricators shall have to burst against it.

Moral, Love, Revelation, Wisdom and Virtue are the positive factors that shall make the Internal Christ of the spirit blossom. Pocket, Stomach, Sex, Pride and Selfishness are factors that, used negatively, shall take the spirit to weeping and grinding of teeth.

A new, clinical and evolutional time is coming to Humanity; but the Law of God and the Divine Model Christ shall see those who did wrong grieving their guilt, because they will not go through any changes.

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