All the peculiarities or doctrinal details arise from KEY-TRUTHS, MAIN or FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS. As the Doctrine of the Path, conveyed and not forged by the Exemplary Verb, is based on the Law of God, on the meaning of the Model Verb and on the Spreading of Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Charisms or Mediumships over the whole flesh, the Apocalypse contains the following INFORMATIVE KEY:

1 – From the birth of the Exemplary or Model Verb onwards, it affirms that apart from the Law of God, His Divine Exemplification and the noble cultivation of Mediumistic Gifts, everything will result in darkness, weeping and grinding of teeth, in the abyss of the sub-crust and in the thresholds, and, in the flesh, in the expiatory incarnations;

2 – As the Doctrine of the Path stayed in the World by way of the Messianic Task of the Exemplary Verb, built on generalized Mediumship from the Glorious Pentecost and having the Revelation to witness the Law of God and the meaning of the Model Verb, the Apocalypse warns of the corruption that would come from men, by way of the City of the Seven Mounts, which is Rome – two dragons, two beasts and a false prophet, that is, the Roman Empire and the Emperor, the Roman Church and Popery, and later, giving rise to the false prophet, the protestantism which, with the Bible in hand, blasphemes against the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, calling the communicability of the Angels or Messenger Spirits THINGS OF THE DEVIL;

3 – After corruption had arisen, with the Beast or the Roman Church making strong demands, at all costs, using all marks of inquisitions, the Apocalypse points out the dominion of ignorance, brutality, materialism, as once the Revelation that warns, illustrates and comforts is eliminated, everything welters in terrible pains. All corruption of the Doctrine of the Path started with the First Edict of Constantine I Chlorus, the Father, in 313;

4 – Unfortunately, as the Apocalypse had its chapters inverted three times, it makes reading difficult. The correct order is chapters 10, 11, 12, 19, 14, 21 and 22; however, the Woman that is mentioned in chapter 12, is the DOCTRINAL TRUTH, and her son is Christ, the Restorer, the announced Elijah, who started the restoring work that would take five incarnations, all of which recorded in the Apocalypse. And the restoration is summarized in the fundamentals of the Doctrine of the Path, which is the Law to be lived, the Exemplary Verb to be followed and the Mediumistic Gifts, to be divinely cultivated;

5 – A very distinct point or time is mentioned in chapter 14, with the Everlasting Gospel to be delivered, with the explanation of the meaning of the Moral Law of the Molder and Modeler Verb and the exposure of the biblical texts about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Canticle of Moses is the Law of God and the canticle of the Lamb is the Exemplary Model in Spirit and Matter, of the Verb that represents the Resurrection of everything in the Divine Unity, in Spirit and Truth. Because everything derives from the Essential One and returns to Him as a Sacred Purpose to be accomplished; THE TWO FAITHFUL AND TRUTHFUL WITNESSES are represented in the Law of God and Model Christ; these are the TOTAL SUMMARY, and everybody will recognize it. Both Moses and Jesus had the angels, spirits or souls ascending and descending upon them for the due witnesses of immortality and communicability of the spirits, etc.

6 – The White Horseman and some other Powerful Angels, are incarnations of Christ, the Restorer; and it is very distinct, as mentioned in chapter 19, that He who resembles the Son of the man, will guide with a rod of iron, or more disciplinary strictness, due to the developments in general, or whoever comes to deserve the Earth of the future evolving cycles;

7 – As key among the striking events, for the Great Renewal to take place, are the Sciences Missionaries; and as a distinct point, the flood or atomic war, forcing quite a renewed start, with the Law, the Model Verb and the noble cultivation of the Mediumistic Gifts as the basis of behavior as a whole, however, with the terrible memories of the most terrible cataclysm suffered by Humanity since the beginning of time. For what is left of Humanity, as the cradle of the generations to come, three basic doctrinal factors will remain:

A – The restored Doctrine of the Path, with the Law, the Model Verb and the Mediumistic Gifts nobly cultivated, everything without clergy, simulations, decoys, because everybody will understand that DIVINE JUSTICE hovers over any religious malice or hypocrisy;

B – The Planetary Government of that creature that resembles the Son of the man, with the Divine Justice or Rod of Iron acting more strictly, and, also, to point out that in the High Directional Planes the Law of Progress also works, with the High Directors further penetrating in the Divine Unity until they become God in God or Spirit and Truth, as everything that derives from the DIVINE CRUCIBLE, to HIM will return as an integral part of the DIVINE CRUCIBLE. Nobody will eternally be a child of God because all will be God in God;

C – As the TRUTH is one, the Divine Program is one, and, therefore, after the terrible restoring strikes, everybody will understand the teachings, the warnings of chapter 22, with those – OUTCAST…

Because there will be a first great expurgation, or separation of sheep from the goats, however, through cycles and ages there will be other OUTCAST.

And those who prove to deserve the Earth of the end of times, or of the integration of the Planet and Humanity with the DIVINE OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPOTENT ESSENCE will understand that the Celestial Jerusalem is the REINTEGRATION IN DIVINITY through the blossoming of the Latent Divine Virtues, because the Kingdom of God will not come from the outside, as the Exemplary Verb said and exemplified, as it was his duty to do so since he is an Exemplary Verb, Alpha and Omega or Model Verb of everything that originates in God and to God should return.


The horses represent the ideals or factors; the horseman represents the human agents who apply them, forcing the events that will change History. God did not determine this to happen but it was predicted to happen because of the human conduct.

WHITE HORSEMAN Divine Ideal or Divine Program, or Pure Doctrine, whose fundamentals are the Law of God and the Divine Model of Christ; this is what represents the horse because the horseman is the Prophet Elijah, Christ, the Restorer, who, like John Huss, started the restoring work and, like Kardec, did not finish it. With the influence of the Model Christ and His legions, his victory will be an accomplished fact, in Time and Space, where the children of God move, in the direction of the Christi Level, the Vibrating Unity or Nirvana. The Divine Program is above colorful clerical-pharisaims, sectarian or religious, because it is the Kingdom of God, which is inside of everybody, a matter of TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, and not any labeling. When the time comes for change, for more and for better, change those who can change, because, otherwise, the price will be too high, as pointed out in the Apocalypse, chapters 14 and 19. And everything in the center of the TWO FAITHFUL AND TRUTHFUL WITNESSES, which are the Law of God and the Divine Model Christ. Does one need to remember that both Jesus and Moses had around them the Messenger Legions, for everything to be accomplished in accordance with the Holy Designations of the Sacred Principle?

RED HORSEMAN Materialist political-socio-economic ideology, without God and against God, which, in due time, would come seeking to solve the problems of the matter-man. That which is and moves, strikes, shocks, riots, agitates and causes apprehensions, fights and deaths, and with other convergent factors will facilitate the flood of fire, the cataclysm that will cause huge changes in human concept, also concurring to expedite the separation of sheep from goats.

BLACK HORSEMAN Doctrinal corruption, represented by the human institution, which arose in the City of Seven Mounts. Speaking of God, Law and Christ, everything is betrayed by it, everything is perverted, dogmatized, idolized and commercialized by it. It believes it is or intends to be a judge, mother and master, but it does not even know it is black, negative and blasphemous. Its main evil was to call Things of Beelzebub the Baptism of Spirit or Revelation, the generalization of the communicability of the angels, spirits or souls, the ministry of Holy Spirits, whose purpose is to extinguish orphan-hood from the world. Those who want to know more about it, read and understand chapters 13 and 17 of the Apocalypse.

YELLOW HORSEMAN This is the economic power, or way to invest capital, as it would turn out to be in the due time of History, with its goods and evils. Due to the ideological conflicts, or law of opposites, it would help and is helping to disturb, converging mankind to the flood of fire.

SUMMARY No one will stop the victory of the White Horseman because no one can against TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE. SPIRITISM is TRUTHFULNESS, as the Law of God is, the Model Christ is because it is Path, Truth and Life, the way the Baptism of Spirit is, the Generalization of Revelation, responsible for extinguishing orphanhood from the world as it warns, illustrates and comforts. The Law is Truth, Christ is Truth, the Revelation is the means of the Spirit of the Truth. The IMMORTAL CODE contains everything, in terms of PURE DOCTRINE, to bring awareness to intelligent and honest people.

The FUNDAMENTAL SPIRITISM, as we are presenting it, is the TRUTH THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, above men, books, institutions or human statutes. If men speak of it, or fail to do so, it will not make a difference to it.

POLIDORO, Osvaldo; Everlasting Gospel and Prodigious Prayers, pp 37 to 43.

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