divinismoSince ancient times, God has sent us beings with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Charisms or Mediumship, such as Veda, the Buddhas, the Hebrew Patriarchs, Moses, the Prophets, Jesus, the Apostles and others. Through these mediators or intermediaries, who were gifted with Mediumistic Channels (the so-called prophets, clairvoyant or mediums), contact between the two planes of Life, the plane of the cosmos and the plane of the soul, has always been normal, educational and consoling.

Due to the moral and spiritual immaturity of humanity, contacts were restricted, otherwise, we would have experienced terrible things. Therefore, spiritual communication was restricted to secluded places and very few people had access to them – thus giving the origin to the so-called occultisms (the Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Jewish cabbalas; Hermeticism, Orphism, Pythagorism, etc.)

In these secluded places, or esoteric temples, all Great Initiators guided their disciples, according to their ability to assimilate, to the DOCTRINE OF THE PATH OF THE LORD (“DIVINISM”), that is, a set of laws and teachings that help understand the Sacred Purpose of Existence, which is the return to the Principle or God, in the most complete Vibratory Reintegration.

Therefore, the core of most occultist schools is the Divine Monism, that is, everything has origin in the Principle, or God, everything moves in It and to It everything shall return as integral part, leaving relativity to become Divinity (“DIVINISM”); using spiritual communication as a superior means of information.

Since Humanity is the same and since it is constantly evolving, rising in the evolutional scale through the cycles and ages towards Divinization, there would come a time when these contacts between the two planes would become public, so that all humanity would have access to the laws and teachings.

Moses was the first to attempt the generalization of the communications through the first Pentecost or the spread of Mediumistic Gifts over all Humanity (described in Numbers, chapter 11). This generalization aimed at making the DOCTRINE OF THE PATH OF THE LORD (“DIVINISM”) public. Unfortunately, there were distortions and the Jewish clergy persecuted, tortured and murdered the Prophets, or the Gifted Ones; they did not even spare the promised Exemplary Verb, the character lived or represented by Jesus, by then the Planetary Director.

God also promised a second attempt to generalize communications in the Old Testament. It occurred through the Exemplary Verb, Jesus, who, having come back as a spirit soon after His crucifixion, promoted the Baptism of the Spirit, or the spread of Mediumistic Gifts over all humanity – the second Pentecost (described in Acts, chapters 1 and 2). The idea, once again, was to make public the DOCTRINE OF THE PATH OF THE LORD (“DIVINISM”), doctrine that Jesus never claimed to be his. On the contrary, he always said: “THE DOCTRINE I PREACH IS THE FATHER’S NOT MINE” (“DIVINISM”).

Jesus, foreseeing the corruption of the Baptism and the Doctrine, delivered by Him in the name of God, states: “WHEN ELIJAH COMES AGAIN, HE SHALL RESTORE ALL THINGS”. It can be historically confirmed that, for many centuries, the Roman church, through crusades and inquisitions, practiced tortures and committed abominable murders, burning the Great Gifted Ones and calling them “witches”. The corruptions of the doctrine, along with the persecutions, caused the DOCTRINE OF THE PATH OF THE LORD to be mistaken for Catholicism and protestant sects for the past 17 centuries in the Western world.

After the fall of the Bastille in France (1.789), the Absolute Monarchy was replaced by the Republic and the State was separated from the church, favoring the return of Elijah (as Jesus had prophesized) to restore the DOCTRINE OF THE PATH OF THE LORD (“DIVINISM”).

Elijah, then Allan Kardec, delivered the Codification and made a third attempt to generalize the communications, once again aiming at making the DOCTRINE OF THE PATH OF THE LORD (“DIVINISM”) public. He named this stage of the restoration Spiritism because of his best-known book “The Spirits Book” and the spiritual communications. He was informed that he would return, in a different body and under different circumstances, to accomplish his mission - the restoration (see “First Warning of a New Incarnation” and “My Return” in the book “Posthumous Work”).

Elijah, now Osvaldo Polidoro, has concluded the restoration of the DOCTRINE OF THE PATH OF THE LORD, now named DIVINISM, and its main milestone is the publishing of the book “EVERLASTING GOSPEL”, prophesized in Apocalypse, chapter 14, verses 1 to 6.

This Spirit, which has already completed Its evolution and is now Deified or completely reintegrated into the Principle, teaches us that there shall be only one “ism” left, the only one to faithfully portray the Doctrine of the Path of the Lord, the DIVINISM, that is, “GODISM’.

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